The five most influential developments in American Government

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Innovations from the Government

Advancement in government was one of the political developments that gave expansionist and territorial states a greater growth.

Challenging the existing ruling elites.

By questioning the ruling elites was that leaders were kept on their toes on working for the people. They were challenged on the basis of not doing something to prevent food shortages and drought. Introduction of metal horse drawn chariots

Metals were used to decorate the horse drawn chariot for instance iron while others such as bronze were used as weapons.

Reasons why many city states became vulnerable to nomadic invasions were

1. Political imbalance

Its effects were warriors’ shooting power in horse-drawn chariots and their mobility accuracy and nomads challenging political systems of some countries. Nomads ensured they have perfected this warfare by 1600 BCE then challenged Egypt’s and Mesopotamia’s political systems hence leading to chariots being central to the following countries’ armies; Persia, Assyria, Egypt, Vedic Kings of South Asia, Chinas’ Zhou rulers and to nobles that were local such as Spain, Gaul and Italy hence making them vulnerable to their invasions. River basins city dwellers could have been terrified by the first sight of horse-drawn chariots however they understood that ways of war had changed hence they adapted.

2. Fear

River basins city dwellers could have been terrified by seeing horse-drawn chariots for the first time however, they understood that ways of war had changed hence they adapted.

October 25, 2022

Government Science

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