The Fourth Arm of the Government: The Media

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The media as the fourth arm of the government and the one that plays the watchdog role has an Agenda setting role where they determine what people will think about in a particular subject. However, the fulfillment of this role has seen a concentration of news coverage on the missteps of a country focus on the wrong side of the government and prominent political figures such as the president. Through this aspect, our attention looks diverted from appreciating the noble and commendable things done by the government or a state since they hardly come into limelight. In America for example, in the current rein of President Trump, the focus is on his administrative ways and the government actions on the building principles of the state such as dealing with people of different origin. There is less concern on the definite issues like the measure the government has employed to fight for the minority and marginalized groups in the society such as Gayism, which is a mark of adherence to the constitution. This paper explores the respect the US has to social rights such as same-sex marriage as a real issue unappreciated by many who focus on the negative things.

The Link Between family and the Government

The link that exists between family and Marriage has historical roots with ancient scholars such as Aristotle, a political scientist linking the two subjects with nation-building. Marriage brings a family bond, which contributes to the social aspect of a nation hence the advancement of social organization contributes to nation-building and development. Another scholar, Peter Laslett places a family in the central place of all social institutions and argues that the most natural means of a village is that of a colony from the family (Saez, 1).  Therefore, when there are distortions from the family level in a democratic country, there is a possibility of an unstable government. The government of the US for the recent past has taken the front line to defend families regardless of the form since it adheres to the social rights and support of the families to achieve a united and stable government. Despite their unique nature, both the former and the current US president have supported Gay marriage as they foster family support. It is also a form of respecting people believes, customers and religion and advocacy of freedom chronicled in the US constitution.

Activists in the US have used different strategies to achieve respect for same-sex marriage equality. Some of this approaches such as demonstrations and advocacies reveal the government in the negative aspects. However, for advocates from who the government puts more support to does not look at issues of marriage equality but instead focuses on the matter of rights (Saez, 4). The judiciary, which is one of the arms of the government accepts and provides security for such marriages when done in the provision and confine of the law. The Marriage Equality Act of 2011, for example, recognizes same-sex marriage as it entails benefits and rights that even non-married couples deserve. When such support to a minor group comes out of the government, many people assume it to be normalcy and the responsibility of the government rather than something that is praiseworthy. Despite the overlook, the government remains on the frontline to champion for the rights of the same-sex marriage both nationally and internationally.

Social rights and the Constitution

County’s constitution can be a source of information reflecting on principle values and beliefs in the society. Most laws state of whom we are and what we want hence reflectin on the reason why some countries reflect on their composition as sacred writing where infringing in amounts to a grave act. However, there cannot be any constitution that is praiseworthy and instrumental to the people other than that which protects the rights every person, be it of the majority or minority group. The preservation of people’s spirit amounts to a considerable significance in justifying curtailing democracy by requiring a special majority in making specific changes in the constitution (Ben-Bessat &Dahan, 104). The social rights contained in the US constitution enables people to acts within the confines of the law and defend them regardless of their numbers. The government has supported the structure, that’s why gay families can enjoy their rights since the structure allows for social reasons, and the government supports the structure.

Social rights do not apply only within the US constitution but internationally through the provision of Human Rights by the United Nations. The International Bill of Human Rights recognizes entire panoply of social, economic, civil, cultural and political rights. One of the countries that identify and has ratified economic and social rights in the USA as it continues to understand and implement them within the States every year (McNaughton & McGill, 374).  For the past years, there has been the creation of Charter-based bodies which have had several opportunities to engage with the national government and record their adherence to social rights. The fact that the US participates in supervision which entails an international approach proves that it is a respecter of the four freedoms enshrined and envisioned in the Universal Declaration. The support to such social rights including the on subject remains some of the praiseworthy aspects of the governments that go unnoticed and unappreciated by people fed with ‘Fake News’ by the media.

Role-play of the US internationally

The government has not only embarked on the support of social rights within the states but has championed for the same globally. While other countries have there independence and constitutions according to their belief, the provision of the Universal Bill of Human rights ensures that a state does not mistreat its people through corrupt leadership.  The US supports and campaigns for this rights through the advocacy of the reasons that Men are born and remain free and equal in rights (Fletcher 297). The government recognizes the value attached to every human being, an aspect that people assume to be normal mostly those who have never faced infringement of their rights to the extreme cases.


In conclusion, the US has many of the acts that go unappreciated since much focus is on the criticism of the few negative things portrayed by the media. A case example examined in this paper is the support Gay marriage enjoys from the government especially from the president especially noting that they belong to the minority group. The support, which reflects on the respect the country has to social rights, is something commendable that people need to appreciate.


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August 21, 2023

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