The Impact of Technology on Business

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To what extent has technology evolved to support the well-being of organizations and major companies?

To what extent has technology evolved to support the well-being of organizations and major companies as far as innovation, inventions, discovery, and most importantly business is concerned? These are some of the key questions which have been used to challenge the progress made towards a better business and trading environment. It is always foreseen that in the efforts to surveying and recording the progress made in the business industry, there has been a close reference to the state of technology. The case regarding the state of technology would involve aspects such as the new marketing strategies, the available fastest means in which consumers get to know much about a product, its producer and the unique features among others. In general, every field in the world whether production, manufacturing, Agriculture among other many fields, they all require technology. Technology plays the most fundamental role in the generation of new ideas and boosting the extent to which sustainability is maintained. For instance, some of the aspects which technology has made its progress involve the newly invented marketing strategies. Most of them are based on the use of technologically invented devices for them to offer the best of their service. This includes online adverts and the most important the invention of key apps among other strategies.

Technological Advancements in Business

Business has technologically advanced. This can be well traced in the use of apps that are based on using a smartphone camera to redeeming a sales promotion offer. Some apps have been developed with Snip snap ranking among the best. There are some other apps which work as the Snipsnap. They include, slick deals, price blink, Favado, red laser, PriceGrabber, salesoter, catalog shree and mashalot among very many others. Let focus on priveblink and Favado. For Price Blink, it comes as a browser add-on. It provides alerts while on online shopping. It provides price levels for one to choose the best for them (Ahmed, 2013). On the contrary, Favado helps the user to build a shopping list and select which stores to visit. This is made possible by the app through the gathering of more than 60000 grocery and drug stores. The user can choose from the whole lot and make decisions appropriately.

Advantages of Snipsnap

Snipsnap has some advantages. As a couponing app, it makes work easier for the user relieving them the work of carrying their coupons all the way with them. Snipsnap works through a unique method (Chad, 2017). As the user, one takes the photographs of their coupons in which the app converts them into clear and scannable codes. With the app, one can view, share and even use coupons loaded as well.

Company Case: SunGard

On a different story, SunGard makes a position as one of the world’s most selling and developed companies as far as software and technology services are concerned. For the company to grow to what it is, it has had to undergo a tough sale’s force structure, a transformation that has made a remarkable change in the company’s history. Before the transformation, SunGard was going down to its knees based on nature and strategies recognized by the company. There were plenty of internal issues. These issues pulled back the efforts of the company to become what it is today. The main challenge was that the company based much of its efforts on multiple product lines. According to the CEO, the company was not doing good in its potential for selling the mix products. This was mostly based on selling licensed software which was a little effort as far as broader customer solutions were concerned. Here, multiple sale reps would be pursuing the same clients in the market. In general, this was not doing better for the company as far as the company’s growth and performance were concerned. This was before the transformation. The transformation had mainly one objective; to build a global sales effort. It was based on broadening channels and market coordination. It also included further training for all personnel and sales representatives. Selling based on customer needs also had to be developed to selling based on customer insights. All of these efforts and many others marked the company’s transformation which was mainly setting a sustainable engine for the progress of SunGard. (Palmer, 2013) The company was able to develop measures of ensuring productivity for the first year sales reps. The company’s new philosophy of ‘selling through the SunGard way’ forms the basis of the company’s organizational culture which is based on specific goals and characteristics.

The Role of Sales Force and Sales Promotion

The progress of the company is more based on the salespersons. They perform some duties ranging from delivery to performance indicators. Additionally, the sales force forms the most basic primary roles in generating income and revenue. On the other hand, sales promotion are mainly the key marketing activities which are aimed at stimulating consumer shows and expositions (Chad, 2017). Its main objectives involve increasing sales by publicity, stimulation of customers to make purchases, introducing new products, attracting new customers and meeting competition from others effectively. In general, development of business owes greater impact from technological advancements.

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September 18, 2023

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