The Impact of Time Management in the Workplace

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How workers manage time in a workplace profoundly influence the productivity and performance of that particular office. Time management is not a new concept, but rather something that people have been continually encouraged to do in every aspect of their lives. By definition, time management can be described as a process where someone plans and exercises a conscious control of time he or she spends on particular activities to improve efficiency, effectiveness as well as productivity. This short essay will discuss the impact of applying time management strategies in the workplace, and what happens when this action is not taken.

To begin, we will discuss the positive impacts of time management in the workplace. It is commonly said that 'time is money'; this implies that how you spend your time will determine how you earn. The slang applies especially in areas where workers are paid according to the hours they have spent in the workplace and the amount of work they have accomplished in those hours. Managing time means one has set priorities on the most critical and difficult tasks that they have been given to avoid last minute rush on doing essential duties. When one manages their time well in the workplace, it means they will meet all the deadlines, and since they have done the work with no pressure, they will be productive and efficient in the workplace.

However, when good management skills are not practiced in the workplace, there are negative impacts that arise including but not limited to:

  • Lacking focusing and prioritizing on the critical tasks

  • Missing appointments and scheduled deadlines

  • Lack of professionalism which may result in one being fired

  • Delivering work of poor quality

Consider an instance where the manager has given the workers a whole week to compile and submit a report about a recent workshop. A worker who is good at time management will start writing the report on the first day, giving themselves a target of the amount of work to finish each day. This way, she or he will complete the report on time. However, someone who does not use time management techniques will wait for the last day, then start rushing to write their report, which will apparently be lacking in some information, or will contain a lot of errors.

Therefore, it is essential for everyone to equip themselves with time management skills at the workplace if they want to be efficient workers or they want to prosper in their careers. Otherwise, they put their jobs and the workplace at stake.

October 24, 2023

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