The Impact of Transnational Terrorism on America

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Theories of International Relations and Transnational Terrorism as a Threat to America

Theories of International relations allow one to understand and make sense of the world through different lenses. This research proposal examines the transnational terrorism through the lens of international relations and as a threat to America. This case study is important in that terrorism has become an international affair and it threatened to paralysis the activities of America on 9/11 2001 following a twin tower bombing. Therefore, the research on 'America's potential decline' would inform the how the issue of transnational terrorism is affecting America.



Why is transnational terrorism an issue that is affecting America?

Literature Review

Terrorists intend to instill fear in the people so that they cannot continue with their normal operations. According to McGlinchey, "International Relations." globalization has presented with it not only unparalleled chances and progress in human development but also greater perils. Terrorism is threatening to tear the international relation of the states. There has been a proliferation of transnational terrorist groups that operate in many countries and their ramification transcends national borders. Brown at page 157 further indicates that transnational terrorism is designed to provoke state into action, it was unimaginable that the United States would not react to the 9/11 attack.

According to Simons, and Tucker "The misleading problem of failed states: a ‘socio-geography’ of terrorism in the post-9/11 era." international terrorist do not come from the failed state. All states fail some portion of their population, at page 387 it is stated that failed nation have been portion of the debate over US foreign and national safety since the end of cold war. This view is still perceived by the American after the 9/11 attacks that left many dead and others injured as well as destruction of properties (Seegers 30). The main issue in this work is that failed states contribute to the terrorist attack. The response by the United States is curtailing the relationship with these nations, thereby causing a decline in international relations. van der Heide at page 52 argues that terrorism has been affecting the American for years. Assassinations of prominent people such as R.F Kennedy and Martin Luther King are pointed at some of the key figures lost through terrorist activities. At page 56, it is opined that operation of America as a lone operator was not effective. In a bid to deal with lone operators, the United States would ruin its relation with other states.

These views are shared by Meagan and Zeigler who on page 1 says that there has been an increase in the frequency of terror attacks. Terrorism would lower the rate of activities of the people. Enders & Sandler at page 310 indicates that the growth of religious terrorism appears to account for the increased severity of terrorist attacks. Transnational terrorism still offers a major threat to the people. However, Miles opines that since the 9/11, the aid components of American foreign policy towards has undergone a significant evolution. The international relations of the United States and that of Africa states have changed, especially those presumed to harbor terrorism. These articles have addressed the issue of transnational terrorism and how it has affected the relationship between the United States and other nations. Although these articles are candid about the drive to fight terrorism, they fail to recognize the strengthened relationship that has been fostered by countries in a bid to fight terrorism.

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August 01, 2023


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