The Importance of Acting Skills

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When I was the leader of a food committee in an event that was held in our school last year, there was a fight which broke out between the committee members regarding the type of foods that were to be availed because the committee members disagreed in areas of implementation, planning evaluation and monitoring the nutrition program in the event. The conflicts even caught the attention of the school management which started to pressure me, as the committee’s leader, to solve the issue as it was delaying the planning of the event. I knew that if the conflict was to escalate, it would create a strain that could even prevent the event from taking place. Therefore, I had to intervene while maintaining a neutral stance as I had to refrain myself from taking any sides.

I spoke personally spoke to the individuals so as to get a clear picture of their point of view. While talking them, I made a point of being transparent by letting every individual to know that I will be having the same conversation with the other committee members while also making it clear that my goal as the committee leader was to help them reconnect. After speaking to all of them personally, I called them in a meeting and acted as the mediator. However, prior to the meeting, I asked all individuals involved to think about the feelings, and decided to go an extra mile by providing them with the language to describe their feelings. I then asked each one of them what he/she would need from the other party. In the group session, I asked each party to share their perspective on the situation where no one was allowed to interject or interrupt while the other person was sharing his/her view as each person would get a chance to share their perspective on the issue. I also encouraged them to be honest and as explicit as possible in describing and identifying their feelings and views.

 The last phase was for each individual to express what they would like from the other members in the spirit of reconciliation and healing. In this case, I knew that my team members would find a solution for the fight especially due to the history of friendships which had existed among them for some time. Also, knowing that conflicts arise due to the deficit in language to express and identify individuals’ needs and feelings, I gave my team members a framework that honored their authentic self and thoughts, as well as the opportunity to hear each one of them. Ultimately, I was able to solve the problem and enabled the event to run smoothly and also received praise from the management as I was able to solve the crisis that had the potential of making the event to fail.

Acting is my greatest skill because it is one of the talents that I possess. When I was young, I participated in school plays because I loved acting and I hoped to be a captivating and confident actor one day. Therefore, I had to develop my acting skill if my dream of becoming a more versatile and engaging actor was to be fulfilled. Over the time, I have learned that to be a successful actor, vocal training session would be of much importance since I wanted to be flexible enough so as to embody any character that I am told to play. Also, since voice is crucial to unlocking various characters and different ways of bringing them to life for the audience, I found a voice couch where I had to take several hours from my daily routine for my vocal session. I also took my time to work on particular sounds that I struggled with during my training. Also, I wanted to improve my movement as an actor because I never wanted my personal tensions and habits to inhibit me when it comes to developing nuanced and unique characters. Therefore, I learned how to free my body and mind as well as having less physical limitations and I was able to realize more acting opportunities, directions, and ideas.

Acting also required me to have vast knowledge about the industry since I was aware that the more I read, watch and engage with the world of acting, the higher chances I would have to become a good actor. This increased my desire to challenge myself and also to expand my mind on everything associated with acting. Therefore, I took my time to read and watch more plays which helped me to know different writers, actors, and characters, a factor which paved way for me to be well-versed in genre, style, and language. To fully develop my acting skills, I decided to spend much of my time in acting classes, on production and also socializing with the best actors in order to learn some of the tactics from them.

One of the biggest challenges that I have faced in my academic life was when I joined the new syllabus curriculum IGCSE, as I was the worst performer in English in my class. My social life was affected because I did not have friends due to my poor performance as my most of my classmates thought I was not worth to be part of them. This factor lowered my motivation and also ended up affecting my grades in other subjects. However, after undertaking self-internalization and advice from my teachers, I found a way to overcome that challenge and managed to realize a positive outcome. One of the things that I did was to accept that failure was part of the process and that I had to stay positive and to put more efforts on the subject. Additionally, I had to change my perception towards this subject and started to understand that failing in English was not my final destination, but just a stepping stone in my journey that was getting me to where I needed to be.

 Even though I was disappointed and upset, my goal was not to stay down but to strive to get a grade which was higher than the previous one. Also, I would sometimes have an emotional rush that eventually helped me let some of my frustration out thus allowing me to return my focus to the issue which was affecting my performance. Another thing that helped me improve my performance was by being honest to myself as to why I was failing in English, and this helped me to learn from the failure and avoided repeating the same mistakes again. Lastly, I started to learn from my setbacks which enabled me to make the necessary adjustments until I succeeded. I made changes in my studying routine, met new people and absorbed bits of information from my English class which helped me create a different and better outcome, in term of my grades.

My friends and I wanted to do something to empower the women from Kondakal village. Because we needed a machinery for accomplishing some tasks that would empower women in this area, we went to Areca Leaves Company to purchase it. To store this product, we took an entire building at a school, employed women from the village to clean it up and also to operate it when this case,  I was the one in charge of this project and I, therefore, made sure that as many women as possible benefited from the initiative. One of the benefits of this initiative is that it stimulated these women’s confidence as it enabled them to recognize their skills. Additionally, it helped in bringing gender equality by mending the gap between women and men in the community. Moreover, this initiative not only gave women means to earn a living but also gave them an opportunity to challenge gender discrimination and stereotypes in the society. The initiative was an opportunity for the women to visualize and understand their rights in the society better. Empowering women through this initiative was essential for a brighter future for their families and the society because once a woman is empowered, she motivates the whole society by showing those who face discrimination that they are able to attain great achievements if they work hard and utilize the opportunities they have in the right manner. The other benefit of initiating this initiative is that it enabled women to be financially independent as they were able to earn a living.

August 21, 2023

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