The Importance of Business, Governance, and Societal Issues in the Real Functioning of Humanity

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From a business standpoint there are issues of dishonesty and mismanagement of the organization's financial resources. It is evident that there is the element of tampering with and manipulating the company's financial records with the intention of pilfering cash reserves. These fraudulent activities take place off hours, and this means that they are confidential and hence not open to the general awareness of the larger organizational team. The main orchestrators are influential figures in the firm including the chief operating officers, corporate controller, and other senior employees in the finance department (Lawrence, 2012). From a business point of view, these are the custodians of a company's main assets, but they are the main perpetrators of misappropriation. Further, the profitability of the organization largely depends on the input of these influential organizational stakeholders. On the contrary, the senior corporate officials undertake fraudulent activities that are likely to lead the firm to losses. It is difficult for the business to realize profitable proceeds under the control of these departmental heads.

During Okumoto's time the governance system was shambolic and lacking in the prioritization of the people's needs and wants. The Pearl Harbor attack led to the World War II. As narrated, people lost lives and property of immense nature. There was a total loss of livelihoods to the extent that individuals had to start all over again to develop themselves. When people were held in incarceration, it was impossible for them to earn a living and meet their financial obligations as they fell due. After his father's accident, Okumoto shows the picture of people who had to go through a great deal of trouble in forging ahead with life (Lawrence, 2012). It means that there were different economic hardships in the system as a whole. There were inadequate financial resources and so they had to survive within significantly tight budgets. This shows a situation where there is a poor system of governance which is manifested in poor economic conditions and financial instability among the people at that time.

Okumoto's narrative shows different societal problems during that time, there were issues with regards to individuals, organizations, and governance systems that worked to the detriment of the welfare of the larger society. In the case of organizational mismanagement and misappropriation of corporate funds, there is a show of dishonesty as a societal norm. The top leadership team in the organization is not committed to maintaining high levels of honesty which is required of key custodians of the company's treasures. It means that there is lack of observance of the ethical code of conduct and professionalism in the delivery of services and discharge of services on the part of the officials (Lawrence, 2012). In this sense, the corporate officials signify the manifestation of greed in the society as a whole. The family situation and war at the time shows hostility among people in the larger society. The World War II and indiscriminate incarceration of people show the manner in which people can turn against each other. The modern society faces social issues such as racial discrimination, ethnic hostility, and scramble for resources as it was the case at that time.

Business, governance, and societal issues are all instrumental aspects of the real functioning of typical community existence. These three aspects of life are largely imperative in the survival of humanity in the world. Without business, people could not have a medium of exchange and flow of resources (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). Governance comes with the element of organizing the state of affairs in a large discourse of people such as a huge community or a country. Societal factors dictate interpersonal associations between different people in the context of humanity. In this case, business problems are related to social issues. It is the breach of social norms and values such as honesty and adherence to an ethical and professional code of conduct that results in business problems in the long run. In this sense, lack of coherence in social norms and corporate professionalism causes problems in the light of business operations (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). Governance issues have a direct effect on both business and social factors. When there are poor economic conditions, businesses do not thrive successfully, and so households do not earn a living, and so they survive in poor social statuses.

There are clear and practical future implications of these issues faced in typical society. Continued business issues are likely to result in the collapse of enterprises or entire industries. Pilferage and misappropriation of corporate resources result in financial turmoil on the part of the organization, and through this struggle, a company can potentially shut down (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). In the process, jobs are lost, and the economy deteriorates in the long run. Governance problems are likely to make life cumbersome for nationals over time. Where the administration of the day is not cognizant of the needs of its people, it is likely to suppress their living standards (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2014). Further, societal issues can lead to incoherence among the people and violent exchanges between different discourses of people depending on their ethnic profiles and stereotypes.


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January 19, 2024


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