The Importance of Farming in Developing Countries

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A. Over the time, farming is gradually developing to be one of the most life-changing activities practised worldwide.

B. Farming is the backbone of the economy in most developing countries researchers have proved that farming is the most powerful tool in eradicating poverty through providing family food security and quality food all year round.

C. As a farmer, I have plenty of food for my family that can be naturally preserved through natural methods and I can reap high to generate surplus income for other purposes.

Literature review

Proper farming ensures that there are plenty food products ranging from vegetables, cereals, tubers, dairies and fruits for family use.

1. Proper farm planning and practices like timely farming techniques like on- season planning, capitalizing on irrigation during the dry season and harvesting water during rainy season for future use in the farm, ensures that there are plenty of food supplies both for humans and livestock in all seasons thus curbing starvation (Corbeels et al 167).

2. Providing family labour ensures that there are enough workforces to do the farm work at a cheaper or no cost thus ensuring cutting out unnecessary costs in food production.

3. Sustainable quality food ensures that the population is well fed with a balanced diet at all times thus minimizing malnutrition deficiencies in children and adults ensuring a healthy nation.

Homegrown produce is naturally preserved and maintained in their original nutritious state.

1. Since agricultural commodities are highly perishable, prolonging their shelf life is one of the highly rated techniques in ensuring food security.

2.  Through the use of artificial preservatives like rosemary extract which contain rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid help in extending the shelf life of meat (Yang et al 146). Pickling helps in preserving vegetables and other perishable farm produce.

3. Preservation saves family time and money since home-grown produce is preserved at a cheaper cost than commercially processed food thus cutting down operating cost (Bhorat, Ravi and Benjamin 1415). Considerable time is also utilized on more profitable ventures than going to shop for groceries in towns enabling the families to focus on other profitable enterprises.

Farming ensures that farmers reap high-quality produce for subsistence use and the surplus can be traded commercially to generate income for the families.

1. Homegrown horticultural produce develops their full nutrient potential without interruption, unlike those grown for commercial purpose which is prematurely harvested and sprayed with ripening chemicals.

2. Hand-picking minimizes injuries and nutrients lost from the produce hence retaining high-quality products with health benefits to the consumers.

3. Homegrown produce is full of flavour due to the avoidance of excessive chemicals which lowers the nutrient content and loss of taste from the farm produce.

4. Farming provides a source of income to the farmers through sales of surplus produce thus improving the standards of living among the farming population.


1. Farming is gradually changing people’s lives and it is no longer the practice of the old and less fortunate people in the society anymore.

2. Farming is a lucrative business worth doing, with lots of rewards which have outshined in most countries that have embraced new technology and blending it with natural farming practices and the results cannot be underscored.

3. Farming is a career like any other on the planet. Sustainable and reliable food production from farming has ensured that the families and population at large are food secured at all times.

Work cited

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August 04, 2023

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