The Importance of GPS in Construction

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Global Positioning System (GPS) is radio navigation structure owned by the government of United States of America and run by their Air Force. This type of satellite system is global, and its function is to offer timely information and geolocation to the receiver of GPS adjacent to earth where there is the unhindered line of view to either four or even more GPS satellites.

            GPS is essential in earthmoving industry, and it is taken as an important asset by the contractors. It intensifies the overall productivity of the task; this is because GPS satellite locating information is unrestricted to citizens of the country thereby making them benefit from its uses.

            When GPS is used in the construction of highway it helps to reduce delays from jamming on highway thus helps to increase profit productivity, reduced air pollution, efficient fuel consumption and reduces accidents. Many countries in the world use the GPS for surveying highway and road networks (Pellicer, 55). It helps by identifying the features of the locations near, adjacent or on to the road systems. These comprise of damage on the road network, exit and entry, supplies and emergency services, maintenance, service stations among others. This type of information aids as an input to geographic information system (GIS) data collecting process. This kind of database awareness assists conveyances agencies to minimize service and maintenance costs, and also it boosts the well-being of the drivers commuting on the highways.

            For heavy machines like excavators to be effective equipment construction tool, a GPS which is based on bucket location structure should offer evidence about the position of the vessel that is both accurate and able to attain rapidly adequate to give the operator to use the data while in its productions work. GPS-based guidance and control system for many years have been beneficial. These categories of these systems have shown themselves in uneven applications as the only way of reducing cost, improving location safety, increasing accuracy and reducing the contamination. GPS-based guidance tool of higher precision like excavators has many benefits. First, it offers representations which are accurate about hazardous areas like a loaded blast location or sites underlain by earlier underground workings. It gives a better and accurate in locating the low wall hitter in coal stripping processes, so it reduces lost coal and over digging. Also, it reduces cost as surveyors are of less need in the field and also people on the ground around heavy machinery are fewer. Also, it ensures precise selective mining of mineralized zones.

            Although with GPS plays a greater role in the construction of highways, construction surveyors are still wanted. They are required for projects like topographic surveying and boundary resolution; this is to the fact it is not possible to automate these. Also, surveyors do other works like making data for machine control system and giving quality mechanism and reassurance of the completed grade (Sears, 44).

            Researching and processing of information for machine control system is another work surveyor does; they can form 3D model by using digital CAD files and design plans. This technology which is used by surveyors makes them irreplaceable resource in the project of the constructions as this complicated and vital step.

            Before construction commences, Surveyors are required to calibrate the location. They undertake this by setting up machine of geodetic control which is a reference structure for a direction of the GPS, the control base station can be established, and calibration can start.



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October 30, 2023

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