The Importance of Information Technology in Accounting and Human Resource Departments

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Technology is changing day and night and as the company heads into the future it needs to be prepared accordingly because most businesses are experiencing a change of technology and it is imperative that the company stays upfront in terms of technology. This will be very important when it comes to the success of the company because the company is still growing and it needs have a comprehensive information system. This means that the company should company with an information system in order to support the business in its operations. This information will be applicable to various departments such as human resource and accounting department.


Information system basically entails components of software and hardware as well as corresponding networks that are usually used in accumulating, filtering, developing, creating as well as delivering the information (Anita 32-47). Information system comprises four key components which include the software, hardware, data as well as communication. In accounting and human resource departments hardware devices will include the computers, flash drives, keyboards, tables and mobile phones. On the other software will entail a combination of instructions that basically used to direct the hardware on what to do (Pearlson et al 91-95). Two key soft wares are required which are application software such as the Microsoft Outlook and the operating system such as the Microsoft Windows.

Storage devices useful for storage of information in this company include the primary and the secondary storage devices. RAM is an example of the primary storage device and the hard drive is an example of a secondary storage device. The accounting department can use various accounting software systems. One of the best systems is FreshBooks which is a top accounting App (Ralph, and Georg 71-83). It possesses a number of advantages like reduced costs, faster accounting as well as mistake-free taxation.

On the part of Human resource department, the company can use the "Human Resource Management System" which ensures easy and effective management of the human resource department like management of the human management data as well as helping in payroll management and the recruitment processes. The company can address the communication and network needs through ensuring that it adopts both the vertical and horizontal communication while at the same time adopting the new technology in communication which addresses the network problems.

The company should ensure that uses reliable database management software like backup and recovery. This software offers complete local as well as cloud protection for all of the available data of the company. In addition, it is able to recover quickly from technology failure as well as natural disaster. Lastly, the company can make use of the internet and the world web in order to reach its clients and acquire the needed information in an easier and efficient manner hence making the company have a competitive advantage.

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September 11, 2023
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