The Importance of Interacting with People from Different Backgrounds

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I value interacting with people from different backgrounds. The claim is attributed to my selection of friends which is not based on any specific criteria. The success of my interaction with my friends is as a result of my personality. Although every person has a unique way of approaching tasks and interacting, I find it easy to work with any person. My understanding is that the behaviors of people from different backgrounds cannot be categorized as either wrong or right as they are products of different beliefs. As a result, I am always patient to take enough time to learn as well as understand the background of my friends to allow me interact with them efficiently and effectively.

            My patience and understanding also contributes significantly to my learning process. That is, I always take enough time to familiarize myself with new things in life before making any decision or conclusion. These attributes have also enabled me to develop the cultural value of collaboration. I always advocate use of consensus in making group decisions. However, the success of this method requires individuals in a group to be provided with enough time to express themselves. Based on this, I always encourage people to spend some of their time to listen as well as understand varied perspectives.

            Although life is sometimes characterized by frustrations and adversity, I always live a happy life. For instance, I used to be poor in mathematics but managed to excel in this subject after dedicating enough time to understand what is required of me in solving math problems. I never allowed the initial low performance to discourage me. Similarly, I believe that patience and understanding can enable me overcome any adversity in life.

August 14, 2023

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