The Importance of Learning

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Learning is a continuous process that occurs daily, academically I learned best when I encountered new material severally. Familiarizing with the materials allowed me to take a keen interest on the information in the material. At work a conducive environment is essential for my learning process; I like learning in a quiet area with minimal movements, such environment improves my concentration. Focused discussions and interactive sessions also boost my learning process, through such groups I get different views and ideas on specific topics and issues. These groups also allow me to share my knowledge and to get clarification when misinformed.

Organizing my working time and space includes deciding what needs an arrangement. I divide these areas into five categories including, office supplies and general stuff, electronic information, paperwork, furniture and space, and time management. The paper organization includes filing and naming the files for easy retrieval. I ensure that the available electronic data and information are organized accurately in the computer database, and I create backups for the same to prevent data loss, updating the digitized information is also a part of my daily routine. Through organizing my workspace I can perform a different task within the workspace without a struggle, I also improve my time management skills since accessing document and information from a well-organized cabinet or computer database is much faster.

To organize and manage my tasks and processes I start by creating a list of the duties and procedures to be done, from the list I indicate the urgency of each task and the maximum time that I will use to accomplish it. I list the resources required for each job and gather them before I start working. With all preparations completed, I start working on the most urgent task proceeding to the least crucial. This method allows me to finish my assignment in time and to perfume quality task and avoid last minute rush.

I am an assertive communicator, I express my own needs, feelings, and desires and also considers the needs of others. I balance my right with the rights of my colleagues, and I do not see my self as being superior to them. To communicate with others, I first understand how they interact to facilitate effective communication. Respect is critical in dialogue, I respect everyone’s ideas and choices, listen keenly and avoid emotional outbursts.

While working with others, I ensure that I am approachable and allow my colleagues to consult me when they require assistance, I ask for help from them which creates a conducive working environment where we interact and assist each other. While working in groups, I provide clear and constructive feedback to the group member, and if I commit mistakes, I accept the responsibility emanating from the errors. In every situation, I uphold positive attitudes and build relations with my co-workers which allows me to work well with them.

Work is an essential aspect of my life; I relate work to the rest of my life by having a life-work balance. The balance provides me with the satisfaction of having enough time for work and developing my career and enough time for the rest of my life including family, interest and the community. Working allows me to make the other aspects of my life better; it enables me to continue with my education, pay mortgages to dwell in a society and have a healthy lifestyle.

Failures and successes are part of daily life, the first step I take when I fail is acceptance, this gives me the power to know I can change the situation, I do not focus on the negative impacts emanating from the failure, but see it as a chance for growth and development. I learn from people who have been in the same situation and do not let failure make me feel sorry for myself instead I critically analyze the situation and come up with a solution to avoid such situation in future. My coping methods for success include appreciating and mentioning all the people who made my progress and being open towards helping others also to achieve success.

I work well in teamwork, I am an active team player, and I input maximum efforts to achieve success in cooperation. I put my teams’ priorities first, and if needed I sacrifice personal time for the team. I always have a positive attitude towards works, and when facing challenges, I maintain the same approach this allows me to face challenges with maximum courage. I tend to volunteer too much at work; this is a bad habit since performing other people tasks and picking additional responsibilities leads to overworking causing underperformance. Some colleagues take advantage of my situations and let me perfume all the duties.

August 14, 2023


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