The Importance of Spiritual Assessment in Healthcare

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An abstract

An abstract is a summary of the major aspects and themes in an article or paper. The summary is usually in a prescribed sequence of ideas therein. First, an abstract should state the overall purpose of the paper. Second, it should bring out the basic design used in the study of the work (Isherwood & White 2016). Third, essential findings and trends found in the course of writing the paper should be mentioned. Lastly, the abstract of a scholarly paper should have a simplified summary of the work and its interpretations.

Information in the article by Cadge and Bandini

Information in the article written by Cadge and Bandini has an abstract that conforms to these provisions. The article is aimed at examining the history of tools use in assessing spirituality and religion and incorporating the same in the American healthcare (Cadge & Bandini, 2015). This defines the overall purpose of the paper. The abstract states that the design used in finding out the facts was analyzing the history of spiritual assessment tools and engaging with religious chaplains.

The findings of the paper

The findings of the paper revealed that when the spiritual assessment tools were designed, it was easy for other professionals in other fields to talk with their patients about spirituality in healthcare (Cadge & Bandini, 2015). It summarized the paper by stating that healthcare professionals must rise to the occasion and pay attention to the incorporation of spirituality in the healthcare.

Various specific credibility aspects of a webpage

Elsewhere, a webpage has various specific credibility aspects. First, a webpage is credible if the information listed in it has an author. Second, the presence of a date on a webpage is confirmation of its authenticity. Third, a credible website has citations along with the work in it. Also, poor grammar and spelling in a webpage confirm that it is incredible. A credible one has well-spelled words and proper diction.


Cadge, W., & Bandini, J. (2015). The evolution of spiritual assessment tools in healthcare. Society, 52(5), 430-437.

Isherwood, S. J., & White, P. J. (2016). How to Write an Abstract. British Academy of Audiology Magazine, (38), 21-22.

October 13, 2023

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