The Importance of Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National park is a state park situated in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, in the United States of America. The national park came about when it was established by the United States Congress and in the year 1872, it was signed to law by President Ulysses Grant. The park, therefore, became the first national park in the United States of America and around the world. Yellowstone National Park is well known for its numerous geothermal features as well as its wildlife. The Old Faithful geyser is one of the park’s widely held features while the national park is surrounded by the subalpine forest which is the most abundant ecosystem in the park. It also has nine main visitor centers which provide a severe for tourists. These features make the national park significant as they make it an attraction for local and international tourists (Laundré, Hernández, and Altendorf 401).

Management and Administration

Yellowstone National Park was initially controlled and managed by Columbus Delano, the Secretary of the Interior during the time. The management was later transferred to the United States Army who controlled and managed the activities of the park for thirty years. The administration roles were then moved to the National Park Service that had been created a year before to take up the task.

Geographical Features

The National Park covers an area of about three thousand, four hundred and sixty-eight point four square meters and consists of rivers, lakes, valleys, and mountain ranges. The Yellowstone Lake is positioned over the over the Yellowstone caldera which is the continent’s largest super volcano and. Considered among the largest high altitude lakes in the North of America. The National park is significant because it hosts the caldera which is the world’s largest active volcano. Additionally, it is also significant because it contains almost half of the world’s hydrothermal features. It also has numerous geysers and waterfalls as well as the lower falls at the Yellowstone River that serves as a showpiece (Ripple, and Larsen 363). As a result of the volcanic actions, volcanic rocks are found in many parts of the park while larva also flows in some areas.

Wildlife and Plant Species

The park hosts numerous species of animals including birds, reptiles, mammals, fish as well as several endangered species. The grasslands and forests are also composed of unique plant species. The park is also a famous location for megafauna in the conterminous United States. It holds different herds of elk and bison, grizzly bears, and wolves. Yellowstone Park is considered the largest and oldest public bison herd found in the United States of America. Generally, the park has numerous wildlife including three hundred and twenty-two bird species, seven species of ungulates which include pronghorn, moose, elk, and bison. It also has a gray wolf, sixteen fish species, two bear species as well as sixty-seven mammal species. The park also consists of more than a thousand native plant species and over two hundred species of exotic plants as well as over four hundred thermophiles species (Laundré, Hernández, and Altendorf 409).

Recreation and Tourism

The park also has numerous opportunities for recreation such as fishing, boating, camping, hiking, as well as sightseeing. The park has twelve campgrounds which provide room for over two thousand campsites for recreation. There are also paved roads that were developed to improve the accessibility to some of the waterfalls and lakes as well as to the main geothermal areas in the park.

Importance and Impact

The Yellowstone National park is significant for all groups and communities from all walks of life who show interest in nature and adventure. The visitors go to the park for vacation, fun and to relieve themselves from stress. The park is used for different purposes including for tourist attraction who visit the site for fun and holiday. It is also used to preserve numerous wildlife and plant species. Additionally, it also serves as a site for research about wildlife, hydrology, fisheries, fire ecology and many topics about nature (Ripple, and Larsen 368).

A Natural Beauty

The park exemplifies the importance of conserving nature as a way of maintaining the beauty of the world. Over time, changes have been witnessed in the park concerning the number of guests visiting the site. This number has increased over time as the park became famous for its unique features. While at the place one is likely to enjoy the view at sight. During a visit, I was once lucky to see an owl hunting at sunset. The owl flew between trees looking for its prey on the ground and finally catching a small animal that it took to its nest.

Preservation and Conservation

The Yellowstone national park is an indication of the theme of preservation of natural species. Through its management, the park protects its wildlife from poachers. The forests are also protected from illegal loggers who may cut down the plant species as well as accidents such as forest fires that destroy the habitat for the species. These measures help to maintain the park and provide a home for the wildlife while also providing relaxation and recreational site for visitors (Laundré, Hernández, and Altendorf 406).

Work Cited

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November 24, 2023


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