The Incorporation of Internet Bots in Improving Organizational Performance

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Internet Bots and Organizational Productivity

Internet bots are basically automated programs that run tasks on the internet. Most of these programs are automated though there are also other types of bots that run on commands. The integration of internet bots and productivity is of paramount importance in this era of technological advancements. Therefore, the integration of internet bots to improve organizational productivity covers the relationship between digital technology and organizational performance. The incorporation of internet bots helps not only on improving task performance but also bolstering operational efficiencies thus improving organizational productivity.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

In this era of automated productivity there’s is no doubt that businesses as well as companies are in need of automation as it offers efficiency in terms of collaboration and communication in companies. Internet bots have made communication and collaboration easier in organizations. However, it’s a topic of choice because it’s the most sought after program in companies nowadays as it provides information to workers in inefficient and accurate manner. However, it also has its own downside which is covered under ethical issues. Ethical issues encompass the challenges that organization and individuals face from advancement in the levels of technology. Another reason behind the selection of the topic is that it will be instrumental in highlighting some of the solutions that organizations can embrace in dealing with ethical problems experienced as a result of the incorporation of Bots in their systems.

Critically Important Questions

How do Bots work collaboratively with humans in improving organizational performance?

The first part of this paper addresses how internet bots improve organizational productivity. For there to be organizational productivity there must be organizational performance. Therefore, organizational performance using internet bots is witnessed in the sense that internet bots work on an automated repetitive task mode. As compared to human beings, internet bots work is one hundred percent unmatched (Newmark, 2017). The interactions between human beings and internet bots in improving the productivity of a company has since up scaled as the intelligence offered by the internet bots is out of this world. In essence, human beings in an organization just need to ask for example on chat box the answer to a specific question and due to the high intelligence that these bots have the answer is retrieved in a second. Bots such as Alexa and chat rooms are some of the examples of internet bots. Therefore, if a human being gets accurate answers that first time then it falls that by default the human being will continue using internet bots to get answers due to its accuracy and efficiency (Feather, 2016).

It is crucial because it provides an overview of the essence of innovation in improving operational efficiencies. Internet Bots are software applications that have been designed in such a way that they run automated tasks (Newmark, 2017). Employees ensure that the software is appropriately implemented, and in the event of failures in technology, they make the necessary replacements. It is vital for the staff members within the organization to be trained on the Internet Bots and its functioning before the implementation process is conducted.

What are some of the ethical issues attached to the incorporation of internet Bots in an organization?

The ethical issues surrounding internet bots are a point of concern in the emerging markets in this technological era but seemingly not so much attention given to the ethical issues. The dilemma is due to the automated nature of Internet bots, the risk of private or organizational information being in the open. The user data held in these kind of internet bots is so huge but with little or no privacy. The other ethical issue is impersonation. More often than not customers find themselves on the receiving end not sure whether they are speaking to automated programs or actual human beings. To human beings internet bots severely affect interactions with other human beings because of being over dependent on the automated programs. Cyber fraud has also been on the rise as these internet bots retain the information on credit cards as well as telephone contacts and physical addresses which results to hacking. Loss of jobs has also been on the rise since the resurgence of organizations relying on internet bots as replacements for call centers (Feather, 2016).

Internet Bots are faced with security threats, and this may contribute to the theft of an organization’s sensitive data. Another challenge that is connected to hacking is privacy and confidentiality. The incorporation of the software into an organization hardly assures the worker's privacy of their information and may also face issues of corrupted files in their computer systems.

What are some of the solutions that can be put in place in addressing the ethical issues that come along with the digital technology?

The question is significant in that it addresses some of the solutions that can be embraced by an organization in ensuring that it deals with ethical issues that come along with the integration of Internet Bots. One of the solutions that can be embraced in dealing with the ethical issue entails training all the workers on the technology before its integration (LoCascio, 2018). Internet bots also need to have a firewall that will make it hard for hackers to access and obtain relevant information, thus preventing issues of cyber fraud. Regular monitoring of the implemented technological system will also be essential in addressing some of these problems. Recently, governments are formulating policies around the bots regarding insurance and accountability of various bots. Governing authorities also need to put in place rules and regulations for organizations using internet bots to be transparent and always alert clients when they are communicating with the bots or actual human beings (LoCascio, 2018).

The use of internet bots has positively affected organizations. Internet bots are more effective and fast and have maximum output as compared to human beings. The more organizations embrace the use of internet bots the more the organization’s productivity rises and in such growing market times innovation and technological advancements should be received with open arms.


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September 04, 2023


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