The increasing rate of recidivism among the youth

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Even more concerning is the fact that youth recidivism is rising despite rehabilitation programs being in place (Baglivio, 2016). I've been driven to learn why the majority of teens are returning to crime out of a strong love and interest I have in encouraging youth to stay out of trouble and participate in legal activities. This study aims to raise awareness of Georgia's juvenile point system and the need to address it. To help avoid recidivism among young people, reveal the results of the rehabilitation programs that are currently in place, draw attention to the shortcomings of the current initiatives and official sanctions, and identify the unsuccessful policies that should be modified and adapted properly. In carrying out the research, there are challenges in developing a useful research problem purpose, which includes lack of interest in the research, poor experience from previous researchers and lack of interviewers. All these constitute the challenges in developing a useful research problem purpose.

The information reflects that there will be evidence, which will help redesign the current juvenile system and the rehabilitation program in Georgia. The results are based on the collected data rather than assumptions, which makes the research to be scientifically significant. From the existing information, a research question can be posted. How can community –based intervention and prevention program that is offered to the male juvenile after they are release be improved? One of the redirections noted is the proposed proposal of trying young delinquents in adult courts. The youth should be treated as the youth and not subjection to the adult sentence. The effectiveness of the rehabilitation program, Georgian juvenile system, current policies, and punitive measures are also advocated for (Sandler, 2017).

The research aims at achieving the best solution to the problem posed and provide information that is helpful in reducing the increasing rate of recidivism among the youth in Georgia.

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April 13, 2023

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