The Issue of Righteousness in the US Penal System

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The issue of righteousness in the US penal system has been challenging over the years especially when individuals are faced with wrongdoing that stretch out on a more severe end of the spectrum.   

I. Introduction

A. The United States of America is faced by endless discussion in the midst of academics from diverse academic fields such as criminology, law, philosophy and theology.  

1. Is the problem of righteousness exigent as viewed by different communities?

2. Does the same apply to Criminal Justice System (CJS)? For instance, does what America agrees to be ethical allowed in other states?

II. Unrighteousness in US Penal System

A. Gallup research reviews that 80% of Americans lack the confidence with US Criminal Justice System (Arrigo & Bullock, 2007).

i. There is inequality based on race and ethnicity.

B. More than a few studies indicate the presence of biasness in court rulings.

i. This is based on Appearance, Race, Religion and, Unethical thinking (Eberhardt, Davies, Purdie-Vaughns, & Johnson, 2006)

C. US Justice Department has abused the issue of race the most.

i. Judgment is based on the stereotype that African Americans are dangerous, violent, and more opt to commit crime (Benforado, 2015).

ii. Blacks are more likely to receive more punishment.

III. The issue of penalty

A. Penalty is imposed on both blacks and whites.

1. The issue of racial profiling and its biasness

i. 23% of Hispanics and 24% are likely to receive punishments more than the whites.  

IV. Conclusion

A. The US penal System is unrighteous

1. Inequality is as a result of discrimination based on:-

i. Race, ethnicity, and other factors

B. Stereotype thinking

1. The criminal system is flawed as minority groups like Hispanics and African Americans (Benforado, 2015).  

2. Some factors are wrongly used to determine innocence or guiltiness of a defendant.

3. Punishments inflicted have no scientific evidence.

C. Some people and studies argue that US CJS is perfect.

1. Scholars like Gross reveal that the system needs no improvement.

V. References

August 01, 2023

United States

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