The Journey of Elena Mannaouri

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Her musical journey started sometime back while young. Elena Mannaouri got the inspiration from her mother who nurtured and help her grow into the person she is now. Elena Mannaouri has undergone numerous hardships that shaped her career and what she is currently (Duarte, 2016, p. 16). The hardships made her work harder to ensure she merges to be among the most popular and charming vocalists in Cyprus. The mellow voice that she posseses together with her striking appearance, made her auspicious among the vocalists in Cyprus. She went on to a vocalist career surprising in the Junior Eurovision 2008.Elena Mannaouri’s dancing and singing talents are surprisingly mature and this has propelled her to be the dominant voice and point of reference to her peers. Being a vocalist was inevitable thus making her be infinitely more known compared to other vocalists of her caliber.


Elena Mannaouri

Email; [email protected]

Since childhood, I have always been listening to music thus finding myself singing along. Music has been more than art to me. I have been able to express myself through music.

It has always been my dream to be a globally known singer. My parents, especially my father have always told me that I do not only need to know how to sing but also to comprehend performance and singing techniques. It is based on this reason that I decided to study music so as to understand music through singing and understand the techniques.

Career Objectives

Ø To be more experienced in gigs with bands and live shows

Ø To be among the best professional singers

Ø To showcase skills in various international platforms

Ø To successfully launch my first CD

Career Experience/ Job History

Ø Managed to perform in charitable events both in international and local competition

Ø I have been a choir member to a nationally known choir group in Cyprus – Nikos Evaggelou

Ø At the age of 10, I managed to sing a dubbed song for the famous youth series “Patito Feo” that got aired on national television channel

Ø Participated in the final phase of the selection of the Cyprus participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and took the fourth position

Ø In 2008 at the age of 11, I represented Cyprus as a duet, in junior Eurovision song contest and took the first position in the final phase of the selection

Ø Since 2014, I have been performing paid live shows in various venues in Cyprus

Ø At the age of 16, I managed to form my own band called “SUPERTONIX” where we performed paid shows in different places

Ø Currently, am working with different people and bands both in Cyprus and England doing live gigs


Ø Earned the 1st place in the finals of Cyprus participation

Ø Represented Cyprus in Junior Eurovision 2008

Ø Earned the 3rd prize in the national competition for song composition “Marios Tokas” in 2015

Ø Earned the 1st prize in the district competition for song composition “Marios Tokas” in 2014

Ø Won the 2nd position in a local singing competition for my age group in 2007

Ø Won the 1st place in a local singing competition for my age group and also best performer in all categories and all ages in 2008

Ø Participated in international singing competition in Bulgaria and earned a 3rd place, 2007

Ø Studio recordings for different projects such as recording of my voice for a dubbed song on a Television program, and also for my YouTube Channel and other personal platform.

Academic Studies / qualifications

Grade 7 Theory of Music

Grade 5 ABRSM Piano

Grade singing – Trinity passed with merit

Grade 8 Vocals – Rock and Pop passed with distinction

Greek “ptyxion” in singing and passed with an overall grade “Excellent”

Other Interest and Qualifications

Ø Followed dancing lessons and activities since the age of 5 in the following groups Rock ‘N’ Rolland Paso Doble, Cha Cha Cha and Samba, Tango, Freestyle, Latin, and Ballet and passed with distinction

Ø Followed theatre lessons for 3 years

S.W.O.T Analysis:


1. Got the opportunity to represent my country, Cyprus, in the Junior Eurovision 2008, performing in front of a full stadium with 7,000 people, cameras, lights etc., gave me really important experience for later on performances in terms of anxiety, comfort with stage, movements. This led to my appearances on Television shows and Radio programs and interviews (Cannon, 2014, p. 16-18).

2. Took part in a lot of paid live shows and gigs both with the band and as a solo artist.

3. A Vocalist, with a very good web and social media presence, and with a desire to increase my base.

4. I possess the necessary music qualifications (Grade 8 Singing, Grade 7 music theory, grade 5 piano)


1. Lack of stable music partner(s) to work with.

2. Lack of a manager

3. No single demo/ song or a CD to publish and sell out through my website or other platforms.


1. I believe I should use radio stations, YouTube, Spotify, websites and others to increase my fan base and also sell my music

2. Availability of audition opportunities in my country for participating in liveshows and in other projects (Mackevic, 2017, p. 16).

3. In my country, there is an increasing tendency to include live music in restaurants, taverns, and bars.


1. Competitors are accepting low pay.

2. Too much reliance on recruiting agencies – exploitation of the singer.

3. Online music piracy is a destructive threat (Marcone, 2016, p. 09-11)

Upcoming events

On various dates and venues, Elena will be having shows as follows;

On 4th October 2018 at 10:00 PM

Elena & the Full Band Live will be performing some Pop/ Rock songs at Avalon Live, Larnaca – Cyprus.

On 4th December 2018 at 10:00 PM

Elena & the Full Band Live will be performing Greek/English songs in an acoustic live

Just a guitar and her voice only

At Trellinadiko Live Stage

Larnaca – Cyprus (Sinek, 2017, p. 12-18)

Past events include



“ Elena studied at ANDREAS GEROLEMOU School of music. She attended Piano lessons, music theory, acoustic guitar, modern and classical singing. She was one of the talented students of the music school with musicality and talent. Before going to study abroad she got a degree in the category “Light Singing” with an Excellent grade. She had also taken part with great success in many events organized by our school of music”

Director - school of music (Puddy, 2015, p. 19).

‘’Elena too singing lessons with me from the age of 10 years learning popular Greek and English repertoire. At the age of 15, she started classic song singing as well and reached grade 8 and passed the relevant exam with merit. During the same time, she passed trinity rock and pop exam grade 8 with distinction. We cooperated perfectly all those years and she was diligent and a hard working student‘’

Vocal Coach



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August 01, 2023

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