The Life of Mill Girls

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A Life of Hardships and Opportunities

A lot has been said regarding the life that was led by the mill girls. Differing versions of stories have been narrated describing their hardships, opportunities and whether or not they enjoyed their stay and work at the mills. Several anonymous letters from the girls to their loved ones largely indicate that they loved and appreciated being at the mills. At the beginning of their letters, the girls acknowledge that they are in good health but would have wished that their loved ones were there with them or at least somewhere nearby that they would easily visit. Working at the mills meant that they were separated from their families and friends and thus they would miss their presence and company as well as the good times they spend together. Due to this feeling of loneliness, most girls wished and asked that their loved ones write back to them so that they informed of their well being.

Hardworking Girls with Goals

In the letters addressed to Bethel (brother) and to Charles from Marcia indicate that the girls were hardworking despite the harsh working conditions and long hours. Committed to their working as well as working smart the girls had goals and targets that they wished to attain at the end of a specified period; they quoted thirty dollars and twenty dollars respectively. It was not always about work for the girls, they took time to appreciate and indulge in other things that also helped them get some relief from work. In the 1840 letter to her dear friend, one of the girls describes how much fun they had waking up in the morning to snow storms. Also, another letter addressed to Bethel (brother) in 1855, one of the girls describes a scenic experience she was privileged to observe of a company’s employees who walked down the streets in masks and paints and clothes that made them resemble pictures in the comic almanic.

November 24, 2023

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