The Meaning of Life

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Life has numerous definitionsin the eyes of[PS1] different human beings. For most people life is all about love, for others, life mostly entails religious practices. Different philosophers such as Aristotle believed that life is all about happiness. The philosophers argue that happiness is the real purpose andmeaning of life[PS2] . The most important thing in life is cultivating the ability to help other people enjoy lifeas well as[PS3] relieve them off their experience and suffering. The paper will show howthe meaning of[PS4] life is growing into a caring as well as a kind person who always understands and selfless. The growing body of research has also made it clearthat the purpose of life is[PS5] assistingother people to[PS6] attain freedom from suffering while the meaning of joy is always compassion. Different researchers have also indicatedthat there is a group of people who seek[PS7] the meaning of life throughreligious or spiritual[PS8] beliefs. Moreover, the paper aims at explaining life purpose as well as plan. The paper will also explain the meaning of life from a secular, Biblical as well as Buddhist point of view. Additionally, the paper will outline my life purpose statement as well how I will integrate my faith into different aspects of my life.

Keywords: life, religion, philosophy, happiness.

Life Purpose and Plan


Life differentiates plants animals from inorganic matter like the capacity for growth as well as continual change preceding death. Additionally, life can be defined asthe aspect of existence that processes acts, reacts, evaluates, and evolves through growth[PS9] . The main goal of living is helping other people to realize their maximum potential. Some scholars also argue that the main purpose of our lives is to find happiness, to love others, to be the best version of ourselves as well as to follow the will of God. There alsoexists a group of people who argue that we live in[PS10] God’spurpose and that[PS11] God knows everything includingour lives according to his[PS12] purpose.

Secular View of the Purpose of Life

It has been proven by[PS13] different research works that more and more people are[PS14] living their lives without the essential things provided by religion. Most of them do not believe in God[PS15] . Being secular means living one’s life without believing in anything supernatural, be it Jesus, miracles, God, hell, or even reincarnation. The main purpose of life is pursuing happiness during our entire life. A geed life is characterized by an exciting and happy life and happiness measure life’s success (Agarwal, 2015). Every person is supposed to have the right and means to be happy[PS16] in their life regardless of the social status. The secular view maintains that being happy is the most fundamental and basic human right.

Additionally, the secular view maintainsthat the purpose of life is to[PS17] love others and to become the best version of ourselves. Maximum happiness is the aim of living, which is only attained directly by seeking pleasure for pleasure or indirectly by seeking power and knowledge as mediums of pleasure (Francis & Crea, 2016). Enjoying ourselves powerfully and wisely assist us to live and die in harmony with the world we are living in as well as becoming one with the infinite universe.

Proponents of the secular view maintain that the purpose of life is always to seek pleasure. This meansthat human beings[PS18] make the best of their short existence just to feel happy. Any other purpose is supposed to serve that major purpose. Human beings are supposed to seek utmost pleasure without having any guilt about it (Agarwal, 2015). The secular view also indicates that the only sin committed by human beings when they are alive is to unnecessarily turn the short experience of life into a painful one.

The Buddhist View

The Buddhism believes that life is full of suffering and that there is nothing permanent in life. The main reason for suffering is because we live. Love, family, friends, growth and other things that happen to us brings both pain and joy. The things that human beings consider to be joyous cause them to feel pain as they are all ephemeral. (García-Alandete, 2015). Additionally, unless they have felt pain and loss they cannot be kind enough. The Buddhist believes that unless human beings truly understand suffering, they cannot understand compassion.

Another purpose of life in Buddhism is ending suffering. Buddha clearly indicated that human beings suffer as they continually strive after things that will never give lasting happiness. For instance, it is normal for human beings to desperately hold on different things such as health, friends and material things that cannot last forever and this leads to sorrow. However, it is worth noting that Buddha did not deny that there existed things in life that gave joy. He just pointed out that none of these things lasts forever and when human beings attach themselves to them they end up suffering (Leider, 2015). Buddha teachings in life were therefore focused on this major problem and its possible solutions.

Additionally, Buddhists indicate that for one to understand the purpose of life there is always a needto study the subject throughone’s insight and experiences. After doing so,one will be able to discover the true meaning of life[PS19] . For one to discover the purpose of his or her own life there is a need to consider some few prerequisites (Moreland, 2014).To start with one needs to understandthe nature of[PS20] both man and life. Secondly, one needs to keep his or her mind peaceful and calm by adopting a religion which will later lead to realization.

Understanding the Nature of Man

This means understanding the inner working of human minds as well as how the braincan be developed to its fullest potential[PS21] to effectively realizeits true nature[PS22] . Most of the human beings arestill wrapped in ignorance[PS23] and they do not understand who they areor what is expected of[PS24] them. This means that human beings always misinterpret things and mostly acts on the misinterpretations (Shin & Steger, 2014).There is a need to overcome the ignorance and arrive at enlistment as well as realization, which can never be poured into our hearts like water into a tank.

Understanding the Nature of Life

This involves having the understandingthat life is uncertain but[PS25] death is always certain. Understanding life involves facingdeath, which is[PS26] justa temporary end to a temporary existence[PS27] . However, most of the human beings hate to even hearthe word death[PS28] forgetting that itwill come whether they like it or not[PS29] . Human beings are therefore required to havethe right mental attitude[PS30] , whichwill give them[PS31] the calmness and courageas well as the[PS32] insight into the nature of existence[PS33] . Additionally,we should never[PS34] fear problems and life difficulties because it is through dealing with them that we can havea deeper insight into life[PS35] (Woodhead, 2016). Moreover, human beings should realize that the worldly happiness in[PS36] luxury, wealth, as well as respectable positions in life which most[PS37] of us seek, is just an illusion. Seeking real happiness means going beyond the worldly material pleasure.

The Need for a Religion

Human beings are supposed to choose and follow an ethical moral system restraining them from evil deeds, encouraging them to do good and that which allows them to purify their mind. This can be termed as religion and it helps them in understanding the real purpose of life. Religion is a striving man’s greatest power, which leads him to self-realization. Religion can transform a person with negative characteristics to one with positive qualities. Through religion, human beings are able to calm down their senses as well as to ensure that their mind and heart are peaceful. The only secret of calming down one’s senses is eliminating desires which are the major roots of our disturbances. Suffering always increases as the craving for properties increases. Human beings need to understand that properties can never give happiness to man.


After clearly understandingthe nature of life as well as the nature of our[PS38] greedtogether with the[PS39] numerousmeans of getting them satisfied[PS40] then we will[PS41] understand why happiness even after beingsought by many[PS42] remainsto be so[PS43] elusive justlike catching a moonbeam in[PS44] one's hand. Human beings always strive to find happiness by accumulating massive wealth as well as gaining honor, power, and position. This means that most of them suffer a lot trying to be likeothers who are successful in doing[PS45] whatever they do with their lives. Even after being successful through attaining all the desired things, human beings still suffer as they always fear to lose whatever they have and sometimes their desires increases for higher positions, greater pleasure as well as more power (Woodhead, 2016).After understanding the nature of man, some important realizations arise[PS46] . For instance, one realizes that unlike a[PS47] stone, human beings have[PS48] the potential to grow in[PS49] awareness, wisdom as well as compassion. Additionally, one understands that it is[PS50] hard to be born as a human being[PS51] mainly one with the chance to listen to the Dhamma[PS52] . Moreover, one realizes that practicing Dhamma is always a life-long educative process[PS53] enabling one to realize his[PS54] or her full potentials, which are mainly trapped in his r her mind by greed and ignorance.[A55]

Biblical View

The spiritual purpose of life consists of some central motivating aims of one’s life, which involve the reasons as to why one wakes up in the morning. The Biblical purpose of life guides one’s life decisions, shapes goals, influences behaviors, creates meaning and creates a sense of direction. The Bible maintains that the purpose of life is not[PS56] just to be happy. The human life is worth more than any person can possibly imagine. Every person has a specific purpose in the universe with the major problem being discovering that purpose. When one believes that happiness is the main purpose of his or her life the results will end up being job issues, conflicts in relationships, health problems as well as mentally and emotionally breakdowns. Living life with an ultimate purpose in mind offers one a chance of living beyond one’s limitations to sacrifice, love and give to others. The purpose of living according to Christianity is simple, to purify and cleanse us so that we can achieve full enlightenment.

Different researchers have indicated that the Bible approach things from a different perspective: God���s purpose for creating human beings instead of from or side which is the purpose of life. God mademan in his own image and likeness[PS57] . What God wants is to have a personal relationship with human beings. The basic meaning in this life is therefore about our relationship with God the father and the Christ (Warren, 2012). Additionally, the Bible clearly indicates that the purpose of life is preparing us for the magnificent and incredible destiny, whichis to be[PS58] the sons and daughters of God. God created us because He wanted to create a family, which will be expanded to include all of us. We will sometime be like God where we will be sharing the same levels of existence as they do.

Most of us go through life feeling discouraged aboutwho we are as well as[PS59] thinking thatwe do not have[PS60] any purpose in life. That is however not true because God had a reason for creating each person in his own image. Ephesians 2:10 indicates that all human beings are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to engage in good works which were prepared by God in advance for us. The main purpose of life is, therefore, getting closer to God through believing in Jesus Christ. The book of John maintains that no one will see the kingdom of God unless he or she is born again. Getting closer to God means confessing with our mouththat Jesus is[PS61] lord as well as believing in our hearts thatHe was raised from the dead by[PS62] God.

Anotherpurpose of life is glorifying God[PS63] .In the Book of Isaiah[PS64] 43:6-7 the Bible states that the role of human beings is to bring God’s sons from afar and his daughters fromthe ends of the earth[PS65] . This involves every person called by his name who was created for God’s glory (Sillick & Cathcart, 2014).The other main purpose of life according to the Biblical view is to praise and worship God. This is written in Psalm 86:9 where the Bible indicates that the entire nation made will come and worship before God. They will all bring glory to God’s name. Human beings are supposed to praise God with all their heart and soul as well as to glorify his name forever.

Human beings were also created to use the talents given to them by God. This means that the purpose of life is to develop the gifts that God gave us. Romans 12:4-8 indicates that just like human beings have one body with numerous members who perform different functions so in Christwe who are many[PS66] form a single body and every member belongsto all the[PS67] others. All human beings have unique giftsaccording to the grace given to each one of them[PS68] (McDonough, 2014). For instance, if your gift is prophesying, then your purpose I life will be to use the gift in proportion to your faith. If it is serving, then serve without getting tired and if it is leadership then govern diligently.

Moreover, human beings were created to serve God with all their mind, heart and soul. This means that human beings were not just created to take from the world but also to serve as well as to add to it (Zimmer, 2013). Human beings are supposed to help God in creation as indicated in Corinthians 3:9 that we are God’s fellow workers. God created us so that we can help him to perform his holy work. We were not saved by service but instead, we were saved for service. This means that every person has a place, purpose, function as well as a role to fulfill.

My Personal Journey and Life Purpose

The main aim of a purpose statement is to define the overriding themes, which exist in our lives (Thomas, 2013). It outlines the work that every person is supposed to do including the cause one is supposed to pursue, the issues that one will be fixing in life and it also states the aim of a person’s life.

My life purpose statement involves knowing God deeply, teaching the truth powerfully and insensitive ways so as to transform people’s lives, having strong relationships with other people as well as leading other people authentically into real discipleship. I also aim at being wise when it comes to interpreting truth for the present situations to help people and churches to live the gospel in ways that make sense. Knowing God involves growing in ever-deepening, sacrificial as well as freeing relationship with Jesus as well as to be a catalyst for other people to do the same. Additionally, I want to grow in honest, good and life-giving relationships with family, friends, colleagues as well as those I will be serving. Being an authentic leader I want to lead in my own way, to have the boldness and integrity to do new things, avoid copying others or settling to their structures or traditions to ensure that real discipleship is happening (Dawkins, 2016). Moreover, I want to engage in transformational teaching, which will involve being committed to wrestling with the truth, as well as teaching in ways that encourages, challenges, envisions, empowers and changes people’s lives. I also want to have interpretive wisdom where I will be interpreting truth in ways that are life-giving as well as relevant driving the church to real and authentic worship, community, discipleship, and mission.

The following commitments will outline the general ideas as well as the outlook of my life. All of them impact the way I live in different ways. Each commitment is based on some Bible verses, which I refer to for guidance whenever I feel like am deviating from the main commitments.


Key Verses


I will love my God with all my heart, soul and mind

“And you shall love the[PS69] LORDyour God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength[PS70] ” Deuteronomy 6:5

“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is One”

Deuteronomy 6:4

Loving God unconditionally

Encouraging others to love Him too

I will worship my God all the days of my life

“Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day[PS71] .

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples[PS72] .

For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise[PS73] ; he is to be feared above all gods[PS74] .

For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens[PS75] . Splendor and majesty are before him;strength and joy are in his dwelling place[PS76] ”.

1 Chronicles 16:23-31

Spending time in church

Worshipping Him and encouraging my friends to do the same

Regularly attending church

I will take care of my neighbors

“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself[PS77] .’There is no commandment greater than these[PS78] ”. Mark 12:31

“No one should seek their own good, but the good of others”.

1 Corinthians 10:24

“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters[PS79] . Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it”. Hebrew 13:1-2

I will not be selfish

I will avoid passing judgment on other people

Always pleasing my neighbors for their good as well as building them up

How I will Integrate Faith in Aspects of my Life

The book of Hebrew 11:1 defines faith as the substanceof things that we[PS80] hope for as well as the evidence of thingsthat we cannot[PS81] see. Faith, therefore, means being sureof the things that[PS82] human beings hope for an understandingthat something is real[PS83] evenif we are not in a position to see it[PS84] . It is through faith that we are able to remember great people who lived in the past.

Faith is always an important part of who we are because it adds exciting dimensions to our personalities. One way of integrating faith in my life is always placing a high value on integrity (Aghababaei & Błachnio, 2014).This will involve ensuring that all my values are influenced by Christian thoughts. Integrity also involves doingthe right thing at the right time and in the right way[PS85] . Integrity also involves emulating Jesus who met practical needs wherever He went, adding some value to the message he brought.

Faithis not supposed to be an[PS86] assignment. Itis supposed to be a[PS87] lifestyle where one depends on Jesus for everything, which involves including Him, trusting Him and always consulting Him. This is mainly because I will be requiring His directions every day. My faith will always be my life which means that I will be required to understand that life is not what I do but who I will be in Christ (Young, 2014). Additionally, I will try my level best to be open about who I am as well as what I believe in. this will give my friends and family a chance to understand what my life is all about and when they watch the ways they will be able to spot the difference in me. My life will be completely grounded by faith and I will balance faith, money and time.


It is evident from the above discussion that different people have different views when it comes to the purpose of their lives. Some believe that the purpose of life is connected to meaningful vocations and satisfying work. Others believe that their purpose is in their responsibilities to their friends and family members. There is also a group of people who seek the definition of their lives through religious beliefs. The bottom line is the purpose of living should be expressed in different aspects of our life. As for me, I will love God with all my heart, I will worship Him and I will also love my neighbors as I love my self. While striving towards the purpose of my life I will be getting closer to fulfilling God’s mission for me on this world.

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