The Problem of Air, Soil and Water Pollution

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Before urbanization and industrialization

The world was different compared to today. Today, the conservation of environment has become a widespread issue due to various aspects such as pollution. Some examples of pollution include the contamination of water, air, noise and soil pollution. This paragraph discusses various ways of fixing the problem of pollution. One of the primary ways is proper waste disposal. Waste that does not decompose should poorly disposed or some materials should not be poured into the drain (Shiva, 2016). If one is not sure of where to dump waste, he or she should enquire from other neighbours or the county council. Such practices help in fixing the problem of air, soil and water pollution. Also, research shows that soundproofing of spaces fixes the problem of sound pollution (Shiva, 2016). Soundproofing is achieved though installing better windows or even sealing window frames. Using various methods one can to reduce the sound coming from outside hence helping to fix the problem of sound pollution. However, some researchers argue that fixing the problems of pollution is not a good idea. Some pollution adds some value to the lives of human beings. For instance, air pollution enables plants to grow when nitrogen is released into the atmosphere. Nitrogen in the air helps plants to grow healthy and this increases the food production. However, humanity will suffer when the problems are not fixed. To avoid the suffering of humanity, individuals are encouraged to fix the problem of pollution which has dire negative impacts not only to the present but also on the future generation.

World Hunger

According to Riches et al., increase in population has encouraged world hunger. Increase in the population in a specific area may be as a result of war and that leads to displacement hence overpopulation in the destination areas. Climate change also has a significant impact on food security. \u00a0The provision of food in such circumstances becomes difficult leading to hunger. This paragraph aims at discussing various ways of fixing the problem of world hunger. One of the primary ways is donating food which is considered a short-term solution before the adoption of long-term solutions (Riches et al).\u00a0 Organizations or people may come together and donate food to fix the problem of world hunger. Also, research shows that urban farming is another path towards the fixing of the world hunger problem. People in the urban areas are encouraged to do specialized farming in small spaces to increase food security (Riches et al).\u00a0 However, random research indicates that hunger has a positive value on people by impacting on the world\u2019s economy. Hungry people are the most productive especially when needed for manual labour. People faced by food security issues will work hard to get some food which translates to an increase in the country\u2019s GDP. Overall, hunger may cause the death of individuals which leads to decrease in population.

Nuclear War

Nuclear war leads to dire negative effects to both people and the environment. Nuclear war is the type of war where both parties have nuclear weapons. Since 1999, no nuclear war has occurred (Toon et al). This paragraph discusses the different ways of fixing the problem or threat of nuclear war. One of the primary methods towards fixing nuclear war problem is having negotiations if a problem arises. If there is a problem before two nations or groups they are encouraged to hold peaceful negotiations. The negotiations result in an agreement which prevents the death or maiming of civilians (Toon et al). Also, nuclear war leads to the destruction of our agricultural land making it unproductive. Poor agricultural land translates to a decrease in the food products which may later lead to food insecurity. Further research reveals that nuclear war causes temperature change which reduces and disrupts the global precipitation (Toon et al). Moreover, the soot in the in the atmosphere depletes the protective ozone layer which has a negative effect on the plant\u2019s growth and human health and may lead to more deaths (Toon et al). However, some research also argues that the problem of nuclear war should not be fixed. The threat of nuclear war is one of the ways a country can be safe. If there is a threat of nuclear war between two countries, they will exercise respect towards each other. Although the threat of nuclear war makes a nation or country safe, more damages are witnessed when it occurs not only to the present but also to the future generations. In order to avoid this, countries are encouraged to use the negotiation method as a way of resolving disputes.

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