The Reasons Why Thucydides Was Exiled

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Thucydides and His Exile

Thucydides was exiled because he did not guard Amphipolis city which is in Thrace. Thucydides decided to right down historic report of the war while he was in exile. He touched on issues pertaining to various participants in the war between Athens and Sparta. The war that Thucydides decided to write about was anticipated to be greater and it had never been experienced before. Thucydides overstated the occurrences that took place during the war. His book stated that there were permanent settlers in Hellas yet most of the residents were immigrants.

The Impact of War on Communication

The superior tribes living in the war zone ensures that they evicted the 'small tribes'. Individuals cared less about tilling their land since they were afraid that someone might invade their premises any time and take it away. According to Thucydides, the dialogue platform was poor and it was hard to communicate either on land or overseas for the communities that were engaged in the war.

The Conflict in Epidumnus

Epidumnus and Potidaea were at the center of the war affairs. Epidumnus city became popular over time although there were many changes after they engaged in a war with the Barbarians. The reason why Epidumnus popularity scrabbled is that her people engaged in a war with her neighbors. The noble people were also sent away from their own city. Consequently, the exiled people joined hands with the Barbarians and fourth against Epidumnus. The combined efforts of the Barbarians and the exiles made Epidumnus people to be fear that they might lose the fight. They sent ambassadors to Corcyra so that they can convince their people and the exiles to empathize with them and not to harm them.

Tensions Between the Peloponnesians and the Barbarians

There was an argument between the Peloponnesian and Barbarians. The Barbarians were claiming that Peloponnesian, together with her exiles has taken over a town that was contributing to her revenue. The book written by Thucydides states that peace between the two cities was deterred due to the fight to restore the revenue resource by the Barbarians. The Megarians community joined the Lacedaemonian's assembly where they were invited. They provided a list of all complains they had against Lacedaemonians and they claimed that the treaty they had signed has been defiled.

Accusations and Conflict Between Athens and Cyzicus

The accusation listed in this book as reported by Thucydides is that the Lacedaemonians acted to meet private interests which are not allowed in the treaty. Also, they had failed to address the issues raised earlier and they waited for the Barbarians to complain again. Athenians engaged in a war with Cyzicus. The Athenians boarded their ships and fought the troops which were placed to guard Cyzicus city. This city was not contributing its revenue, and this is what Athenians were seeking to regain.

The Need for Restoration and Compliance

The book, 'History of the Peloponnesian War' was written by Thucydides with an intention of giving an elaborate history of the events that occurred between the Athenians and Peloponnesians. People residing in Peloponnesian were making efforts to solve issues in a remarkable manner by sending ambassadors to negotiate with their opponents. Nonetheless, the differences between the two cities were escalating as days passed and the tension period could not be contained. There was a need for Barbarians to restore the revenue that they were losing to Lacedaemonians and to ensure that the neighboring cities act according to the rules and regulations stated in the treaty that they all signed.

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November 13, 2023


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