The Rise of Modern Man

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In the 1970’s, archeologists researched for clues on the origin of humans. Human beings were also known as Homo sapiens and therefore, have lived since 250000 years ago. Before Homo sapiens, there lived other human species. One of the species includes Homo erectus who was known as “standing man”. Another type of human species was known as Homo neanderthalensis

which meant “man from Neanderthal”. The third human species was referred to as Australopithecus meaning “walking upright”. According to Bentley and Ziegler, the man slowly developed from earlier human species. Later cultures were developed. A culture is a group of people with unique characters and symbolic way of life as it was in the past. There is a group of people who study the culture of human beings and they are known as the anthropologists. Homo sapiens migrated across Africa, Asia and Europe around 10000 years ago and by 15000 years ago they had arrived in most of the habitable regions of the earth.

The most important ideas to the rise of modern man were to understand the development and interaction of cultures that is religions, Belief systems, philosophies, and ideologies. Religion reflected the environmental rhythm of the natural world. The Israelites believed that the covenant, law, and prophets made up the core of their faith and this led to Hebrews dividing among themselves. People of the land and men of rank but they continued to believe in religious teachings. Religion and culture create marriage to establish families therefore, it influenced the rise of modern man.

Another idea was to invent and expand the Economic Systems. The economic systems include agriculture, farming, trade, commerce, and industrialization. Farming started back in 9000BC in the southwest of Asia. Wheat and barley were cultivated and later sub- Saharan West African began to cultivate yams and black-eyed peas. In the era 6500BC, Yangzi started farming rice, millet, and soybeans. Agriculture allowed the rise of modern man due to the surplus of food. Farming and agriculture allowed human beings to adopt new forms of social organizations and lifestyles. The new lifestyles led to the trade. Specification of labor began and people invented pots, leather, tools, carvings, rugs, and baskets. The adoption of human beings living together, farming, trading, and agriculture led to the accumulation of wealth. The land became a source of wealth and applied science skills were important to assist in farming and this helped in the rise of modern man. The growth of agriculture and farming created a system that kept track of trade and tax information. Mesopotamians came up with a flexible system of writing. The system used symbols, graphics, syllables, sounds, and idea. The society grew and later led to a need for education. Formal schools arose and government officials too. The invention of schools led to the rise of modern man.

In the last quarter- millennium, there has been the rapid growth of population, knowledge, invention of new technology, creating opportunities, trade, and commerce. The accumulation of technology and knowledge led to industrial revolution. Cities built palaces, temples and defensive walls. Colonization also led to the rise of man. Industrialization led to needing of vocational schools. The modern human being is still evolving, research shows that they have 50 mutations in their DNA compared to their ancestors thus goes on to every generation.

November 24, 2023




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