The Role of a Film Director

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A film director and their artistic vision

A film director refers to a person who directs film creating. The director conducts the film's dramatic and artistic aspects and anticipates the script while leading the actors and technical crew in the accomplishment of that vision. Film directors decide the style, appearance, and feel of a film. In other words, the director of a movie is the artist at the rear of the film's direction. Directing a film requires incredible vision and a handful of managerial capabilities. Some of the greatest and most successful film directors around the globe include Robert Bresson of France, Martin Scorsese of America, and Neill Blomkamp of South Africa.

The birth of French cinema

France is a famous country known to have given birth to Cinema since the Lumiere brothers pioneered the first prosperous cinematography. In entire Europe, France is the wealthiest industry in regards to the number of films created annually with an earthshattering report of 300 feature-length films. Two Frenchmen, Louis Lumiere, and Auguste lead to the birth of cinema. In 1895, Louis Lumiere registered a patent for their cinematography, a device that recorded not only moving images on film but also permitted their projection on screen (Erik 1993). For over a century, France has been dominant in the film industry and is one of the essential film producers.

Robert Brisson, a successful film director from France

Robert Brisson a successful film director born in the year 1901 in France. He practiced painting before joining the industry as a screenwriter and made a short comic film, Public Affairs (Reader 2000). After devoting several days and months as a German POW throughout the Second World War, he launched Angels of Sin. After that, Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne became his second film. He collaborated with a Dominican priest, Raymond Leopold Bruckberger, and Jean Giraudoux the dramatist, on the film's screenplay. In the box office, Angel of Sin, co-written by Bresson, Raymond Leopold, and a French dramatist Jean Giraudoux, is an emotionally irresistible piece.

Reactions to Bresson's films

Despite the success, Bresson's first film, Angel of Sin, received negative reaction from a majority of its audience in France. The viewer's expressed that the movie was considerably predictable and relatively pro-religious. On the other hand, being the first feature of Robert Bresson's, the movie acquired different reactions from outside France. It is predominantly conversational in its suggestion and technique, although it addresses his preferred themes. Bresson is still attempting to discover his voice. After the proficiency of this and his following film, Bresson recognized why he did not need to create filmed performance bits and went for making another cinema language in his successive films.

The impact of Hollywood on American cinema

The United States Cinema, generally known as Hollywood, has a tremendous impact on Film Corporation customarily since the antecedent 19th century. Classical Hollywood Cinema is the dominant American Cinema style; it developed between 1917 and 1960 and exemplified the majority of films made nowadays (David 2003). The American film industry has a higher annual gross compared to most of the countries. Large numbers of any one-language public cinema are produced in America, with above eight hundred English-Language films produced on average annually.

Martin Scorsese and his contribution to American cinema

Martin Scorsese is a film director based in America and has produced many exciting films in the history of cinema. The ideal Taxi Driver, Hugo, and an Academy prizewinning The Departed are among the films produced by Martin Scorsese. After completing his degree in film directing in 1966 at New York University, Martin briefly held a job as the film instructor at the institution. In the year 1968, Scorsese finished his original feature-length film, Who's That Knocking on My Door? While working on that task, Scorsese came across Harvey Keitel whom he would continue to cast in several forthcoming projects. Similarly, he met an editor, Thelma Schoonmaker, with whom he would collaborate for over forty years.

Mixed reactions to Scorsese's film, Hugo

In 2011, Martin Scorsese dropped his first film attempt in 3D, Hugo, a fantasy adventure narrative (Aaron 2014). Even though the film is not a huge box office hit, the appealingly rendered feature entertained critics acquiring several Academy Prize Nominations and best director Golden Globe. Scorsese's film sparked mixed reactions among its audiences in America; some made negative comments about this exciting piece stating that the storyline is slow and the downright frustrating while others noted that it was his finest. Other audiences from outside of America explained that Hugo abounds with inventions but does not have charm.

The growth of South Africa's film industry

Notably, South Africa is among the most diversified and attractive countries in the world. Tourists usually visit in South Africa for its sunshine, natural beauty, and wildlife. The country has a brilliant, evolving film industry that is growing in honor and slowly becoming internationally competitive. For more than 80 years, South Africa has had a flourishing film industry with both native and international sectors utilizing local resources, robust infrastructure, and favorable climate to bring adventures to life on both large and small screens. Over two hundred and twenty-two films are produced annually in South Africa.

Neill Blomkamp and his contribution to South African cinema

Movie director Neill Blomkamp has contributed largely to the growth of South Africa Film Industry. Born in September 1979, Neill Blomkamp is a South-African born Canadian film director, screenwriter, producer, and animator. Neill employs hand-held, documentary-style approach harmonizing naturalistic and photo-pragmatic computer-developed effects. Blomkamp is known as the director and co-writer of the famous District 9, an alarmingly acclaimed and prosperous science fiction film (Falconer 2010). Neill received the Academy Prize for Best Adapted Screenplay. Blomkamp equally directed another science fiction film known as Elysium. The movie enjoyed a significant number of positive reviews from South Africa. However, it received negative remarks from outside countries claiming that it was the actual portrayal of what Nigerians are up to in South Africa. They involve themselves in drug trafficking and all manners of criminal practices. Blomkamp collaborated with Sharlto Copley, a South African based actor. Neill was named among the most celebrated personalities in Africa.

The responsibility and progress of film directors worldwide

In conclusion, film directors have a huge responsibility of preparing quality, classy, and captivating entertainment for their diverse audiences. Directing films may be an exhausting duty which sometimes receives negative remarks regardless of the work done and the amount of time consumed during the movie creation. Since the birth of the film industry up to this day, there has been a noticeable improvement in nearly all continents. The Lumiere brothers, being the pioneers of the first Cinematography, revolutionized the face of the film industry in entire Europe. Martin Scorsese of America and Neill Blomkamp of South Africa equally made enormous contributions as persistent and creative film directors.



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