The Role of Angela Merkel in Germany's Refugee Crisis

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Angel Markel: A Powerful Refugee With an Unusual Perspective

Angel Markel is a refugee who gained an unimaginable power in one of Europe's most powerful nation, Germany. She was raised in the German Democratic Republic, at a time when the Iron Curtain found the Berlin Wall segregated a precise manifestation of the horror show between being a republic or a democratic. She was a daughter of Merkel, the Lutheran minister, who managed to gain feet in politics, despite being divorced from the Catholic party. In the political world, she was a woman in a frat house, where the easterners were still presumed to be aliens in the newly unified Germany, through the 1990s. Additionally, Markel was the only leader from the Western region who was raised in a fence. The unusual perspective acted as a driving force that lured Markel to freedom.

Markel's Political Style: A Survivor Reinforced with Data

Markel's political style was not focused on having one; no charisma, no flourishes, no flair, but emphasized on being a survivor with power reinforced with a scientist's reliance on data. For instance, after she became the Chancellor in the year 2005, a commander in the world's fourth leading economy, she remained with her dull characteristic, which could merely be underestimated (Gibbs, 2018). She even earned the symbolic name the Merkelvellian. The name came about following his performance, as she outlasted, isolated and outsmarted others, who challenged her.

Markel: An Indispensable Leader in Europe

Markel emerged as an indispensable leader in Europe after managing the regions numerous serial debt crises; for example, the crisis described as creeping theft of Ukraine, where she led the response of the West to Vladimir Putin. Recently, a refugee and migrant crises arose, accompanied by a challenge which entailed that the nation had to open its borders (Gibbs, 2018). Paris course of action was to slam the doors, as they maintained that they trusted no one and thus built walls. However, every time Markel intervened in Germany, she bailed out Greece, with her strict footings. She emphasized on welcoming refugees who were victims of the primitive Islamist savagery, as they were not affiliates, they were casualties (Gibbs, 2018). Moreover, she even deployed troops to fight against the ISIS abroad.

Markel: Leading with Firmness and Consistent Leadership

Undoubtedly, she did not take the easy way out; she did not slam the door or built walls. She even went further to ask her country for more, a feat most politicians would not partake, she stood firm against oppression and tyranny, along with experience and provision of consistent leadership – such traits are in short supply in this modern world (Gibbs, 2018). In reality, Markel has done more than we might know in transforming the image and reputation of Germany, which has haunted the country. For example, criticisms indicating that Germany was allowing an enormous number of refugees, Markel responded by stating that if Germany was to apologize for doing the right, humane thing, showing a friendly face to an emergency circumstance, then it would seize to be her country (Gibbs, 2018).

Markel: Building Bridges, Not Walls

When the rest of the world was engaging in furious debates regarding the balance between freedom and safety, Markel, the German Chancellor challenged her people to lead by example, a model which the rest of the world could follow. She asked the nation not to be afraid and welcome the refuges with the belief of building bridges in contrast to walls, and that wars are won on and off the battleground (Gibbs, 2018). Through her leadership, Germany viewed the refugees as casualties who needed to be rescued, rather than seeing them as invaders only fit for repulsion. For that, she will always be a woman who was brought up and raised behind the Iron Curtain wagered on freedom, wielding mercy as a weapon (Gibbs, 2018).

Markel: TIME's Person of the Year

Person of the year title by the Times is usually awarded to an individual who has been established to have had the most impact on the world, whether positive or not, in the global news in the recent years. Accordingly, Markel was praised by the Times Magazine, after becoming the Chancellor in 2005, in Germany, she displayed exceptional leadership in times of crisis. Fundamentally, leadership is tested during emergencies, when people do not want to follow, personalities which can dare, she asked her country not to be afraid and welcome the refugees as well as the way she stood firmly against tyranny (Gibbs, 2018). The demonstration of exceptional leadership and characters earned her the title and award of the TIME's Person of the Year.


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January 19, 2024

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