The Role of Commercial Entertainment Spaces in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

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The major goals of the Knight of Labor were to fight for better compensation rates for women and end child labor. The union, whose membership was secretive, used strikes in an attempt to attain its objectives. On the other hand, The American Federation of Labor, which was a formal federation, emphasized addressing fundamental issues that affected workers to ensure the immediate improvement of their conditions, for instance, pushing for an eight-hour day. The union used collective bargaining to discuss and settle workers’ contracts. Although the Knight of Labor and the American Federation of Labor positioned themselves as members’ saviors, the former was more radical and inclusive than the latter.

Question Two

Commercial entertainment establishments, including dancehalls and amusement parks, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries provided ways through which people improved their well-being and promoted their health. In a period that America witnessed the invention of technologies, social reformers advocated for the creation of different spaces where persons would escape the country’s congested urban environment. The social shift promoted the idea of entertainment to encourage citizens of various economic levels to accentuate leisure activities. The demand for entertainment, therefore, not only led to the creation of businesses but also allowed Americans to increase their happiness, reduce stress and improve their physical health, for instance, through dancing.

Question Three

Women’s movements in both the Progressive Era and Gilded Age focused on achieving women’s rights in the society. Women, in the Progressive Era, for example, pushed for voting rights and the freedom to run for public office. As an illustration, to attain their goals and objectives, the womenfolk, mainly those belonging to the upper and middle class, held public rallies and petitioned the House of Representatives to pass the Federal Suffrage Amendment that would provide political freedom to persons of all genders without discrimination. By World War I, the movements had managed to persuade employers to increase the number of female workers in their businesses and factories.

Question Four

White supremacists in the late 19th century employed various strategies to legitimize racial superiority, including believing and passing the message that their national ingenuity gave them the power to conquer the world. The belief in racial hierarchy, therefore, led to discrimination against people of color. Civil right groups challenged white supremacy in courts with the primary aim of ending racial discrimination. However, the movements lost in some cases, for example, Plessy v. Ferguson where judges ruled that racial separation under the doctrine of “separate but equal” was constitutional.

Part Two: Document Analysis

Question One

The comparison between the Knight of Labor and the American Federation of Labor extends people’s knowledge of the role union played to improve workers’ welfare. Modern trade unions and policymakers can use the information to advocate for employees’ better working conditions in various industries.

Question Two

The information contained in this section is credible because the author consults reliable sources. The essay, which targets students and entertainers, intends to inform audiences about the major reasons behind the establishment of commercial entertainment spaces.

Question Three

The main audiences of the paper are women who hold political and business offices. The section aims at expanding their understanding of the struggle historical women leaders endured to attain rights people enjoy today.

Question Four

This part of the paper provides useful information regarding racial discrimination in the United States. The section, which traces white supremacy, intends to inform readers about the battle African American tolerated in an attempt to stop racial superiority.

November 24, 2023
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