The Role of Information Technology in an International Organization

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The Importance of Developing Information Technology in an International Organization

The paper discusses why it is critical for a manager at an international organization to develop an information technology using a twenty-first-century strategy. Also, how a business would define security when developing its twenty-first-century strategy is examined. Information technology infrastructure involves the combination of services, network resources, software, and hardware needed for the management, operation, and existence of an organization that has information technology environment. An international organization can use information technology to deliver services and solutions to its customers, partners, or employees. A manager at a global company is required to develop information technology infrastructure which has different equipment combined to provide an underlying foundation for the support of organization's goals. Additionally, the organization's physical security should be integrated with information technology security using best practices.

The Role of Information Technology Infrastructure in International Organizations

Managers of an international organization should create an information technology infrastructure using twenty-first-century strategy to engage all involved members in actively identify the gaps in their understanding and knowledge to better their earlier practices within a universal context. Although, people are diverse there is a similar platform where they can share and build many values that are the same. Managers of such organizations would use the information technology platform to communicate, measure impact, update practices, and data. The platform would also create a shared understanding of terms within the local and global contexts. The commonality will help in encouraging diversity as well as strengthening the ownership of the available knowledge among members. A business would define security when developing its twenty-first-century strategy through developing a system that prevents the number of intrusions and attacks on the network. Notably, when systems become more complex and large, the vulnerability is likely to grow. The strategy should involve creating network walls, virus protection, and user passwords. The security measures should meet specific organization requirements that do not limit its ability but allows competitiveness in international markets.

January 19, 2024
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