The Role of Operations Manager

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An Operations Manager's Role

An operations manager plays a very important role to whichever business, be it government or other organization to which it belongs. An operations manager is one who caters to managerial plans, looks after the smooth communication between people, and oversees the manner in which resources are managed. As long as the leadership side of an operations manager is concerned, the manager must be a good communicator with excellent interpersonal skills and one who can set goals and objectives so as to establish policies in various departments of the organizations (Farmen, 2018). Other leadership attributes that must be present in an operations manager to make his job effective are namely tremendous personality characteristics, one who can differentiate between functionality and even one who is a leader developer and maintainer of influential practices.

Leadership and the State of Corporate America

The video shared here is about Jack Welsh who speaks about leadership and the State of Corporate America, UCLA. According to Welsh, when an individual becomes a leader he or she is in a situation where humanity counts, skill sets of the personality traits should be well developed in a leader, and even the presence of positive energy in a leader are some of the inherent qualities that a good leader must possess. Welsh also talks about communism and how important it is to maintain corporate calmness and wellness among the people such that frequent services can be provided to the people (UCLA, 2008). It is the transparent thoughts and sharing of ideas that need to continue in order to make the communication stronger and even deal with misinformation.

The Importance of Being Well-Versed

An operations manager must be well versed with the nature of the business and also have good knowledge of how the business activities are conducted. This will help him in becoming a leader instead of a manager alone. It is the responsibility of the operations manager to initiate operations in the business in a way that is absolutely customer-oriented for people and makes customers happy at the same time (Cojocaru & Cojocaru, 2013). Understanding company's financial performance and even studying the same helps in playing a key role, especially as part of the operations manager's critical task.


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