The Role of Public Health Stakeholders in the Control of Tuberculosis

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The control of tuberculosis is quite complex; hence, it requires teamwork from a wide range of societies and persons in and outside the public sector. The sectors held accountable include but are not limited to health centers, learning institutions, organizations in the community, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, and health personnel. Local health and state departments are, therefore, primarily responsible for the prevention and control of TB.

Policy development and planning stands out to be the most crucial thing when dealing with TB. The community stakeholders develop the plan in conjunction with experts in TB management (Jones & Corriveau, 2012). The resources available determine the coverage of the program. Systems are also put in place to prevent cultural and social barriers. The health department ensures timely and comprehensive investigation of TB cases through reporting. Federal agencies are responsible for the control of the movement of the patients across states. Accessible diagnostic clinics are also made available to ensure radiograph reports are available as often as required; hence, TB health care providers are in variable settings from hospitals to community clinics. The implementation of education and training is done by national and local agencies including the RMTMCs, which work with the CDC, and the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association among others (Jones & Corriveau, 2012). The education is provided regularly to ensure TB cases are kept minimal.

Combustion-source air pollution leads to progression of TB by altering the effectiveness of the resistance of the airways to disease, increasing permeability of the epithelial and the functioning of macrophages. The air pollution mostly originates from industries and motor vehicles, which cause much danger to the people in urban areas. TB is pestilent and a small risk could translate into an enormous burden. Public health stakeholders should, therefore, put in place stringent measures to curb combustion-source air pollution to minimize TB cases.


Jones, D. B., & Corriveau, A. (2012). Guidance for tuberculosis control and prevention programs in Canada. Pan-Canadian Public Health Network.

August 04, 2023


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