The Role of Security in an Online Sales Company

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In this current world of extreme internet advancement, cyber security has proved to be very

critical sector in major companies particularly in online sales company. People are becoming more and

more innovative and creative each passing second, therefore online security should be dynamic and not

static as competitive companies only looks for slightest opportunity to outwit others. Various online

companies runs on  specific secret formulas , brands, organization set up and future oriented plans  that

makes them unique or outstanding among other competitive companies. Therefore their secret security

data must be protected at all cost. This would make them continue to become more and more relevant

in the market sector.

           To be enhance relevancy and continuity of an online sales company the following measures would

be considerate i.e.

i) I would ensure security hardware configuration for mobile phones ,laptops ,work

stations and even servers. This would allow synchronization of pool data at a specific

access point where can easily be managed and monitored effectively.

ii) I would create awareness to the company employees on the need to be extra careful

when dealing with various online websites that seems to pose a great threat. Through

inductions .workshops ,seminars and even training that would enhance familiarizations

on cyber crimes. This would make the employees more vigilant when carrying out

company online services.

               iii) Creation of a strong dynamic passwords that can be secured at a centralized data base

 management within the company. The password should change from time to time to limit chances of

hackers using log traces to accesses sensitive data.

              iv) Always back up the system sensitive data and do the regular software updates to provide

new definition that fits the new updates within a system, this would allow for easy

identification of virus attacks and security loop holes.

v) I would develop company’s web application firewall for network security. This would help in

effective programs and website control as it would aim in allowing only specific safe

programs to access the company’s data base. Only secure platforms would be selected and

security alerts issued to unsafe  online sites.

vi) Previous company data could pose great danger to accompany as it allows for traces of

sensitive data that can be used agonist accompany ,it is therefore in order to regularly and

continuous get rid of this sensitive and old data with exemption of the relevant and

necessary data only.

vii) I would create a card verification system that auto detect a company employee to avoid

intruders accessing the  websites. This would be further enhance by voice and face identification. Every

log would personally require an individual to identify him or herself by physical being present within the

system security  services to be allowed to access companies data.

viii) And finally I would perform encryption of data and create a recovery system tool to prevent

unexpected loss of companies data through deletion ,theft and even unexpected natural


        In protecting network OSI, TCP/IP, and SANS 20, controls prevents network weaknesses and

vulnerability to possible threats. Also acts as threat detectors to online services. A security policy is

crucial in maintaining accompany security level ,some  of the controls and protocols in the policy incudes

i).Access control policy which shows  amount of data available for employees.

ii).Change management policies which entail total process of making changes in accompany.

Iii) Remote access policy which answers why data is accessed remotely by members in the company. 

        In conclusion, the security measures within an online sales company would entirely depend on the

company itself, that is the measures put forward to outshine the hackers or any danger within a

 network wok frame.

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Attacks IPA: How to Secure

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