The United States of America Penal System

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The US penal system comprises three arms, the courts, the rehabilitation system, and the police force. Over the years, the penal system has been criticized over the decade on its efficiencies, but some skeptics have gone beyond the required levels based on it new operations as well as its segmentation, it is merely a single process. Some of the people are satisfied by the fact that juvenile system is just a network with shared programs, but every unit involved does not take its responsibility seriously. For instance, the police force is mostly affected by the problem of racial discrimination, which has seemed vast numbers of the minorities continue to suffer more as compared to the majority. The black African American people are highly being incarcerated for mistakes that are petty, and at some moments they even get imprisoned for errors that they have not committed (Pound, 2018). The other group that is being affected by the unjust judiciary system is the poor people in the nation who do not have sufficient amounts of income to help them hire a lawyer to make sure that they are treated fairly. The case has resulted in millions of them being imprisoned for mistakes that they have not committed in their lives.

The police officer is the ones who take the frontal seat in the complex organization of the United States penal system. They have a wide range of duties as well as layers which comprises taking in offenders, keeping peace and order, detecting and curbing criminal offenses. The police have also been educated in multiple tactics that they can utilize in dealing with terrorism problem and other crimes such as rape and substance trafficking. The community-based policing and problem-solving strategy is highly being employed by the police in dealing with crime and even preventing its rise in the society (Ryberg, 2015). Some of the security bodies apply the use of scanning, evaluation, response, as well as assessment technique that tend to off the police with a logical structure that helps them in identifying, evaluating, reacting to, and assessing sources of fear in the community. These tools play a pivotal role in assisting the police force to deal with different offenses in the nation and also make sure there is a cooperative association between the police and the citizens.

Furthermore, the law enforcement officials must deal with any challenges that are facing their people. These duties are mostly destroyed with more issues both personal and professional that adversely impact the ability of the security officers to carry out their responsibilities efficiently. For instance, there have been cases involving the extreme use of force as well as abuse of office by the police officers. The police are taught verbal and psychological tactics to help them execute their responsibilities efficiently, but sadly the police have been found to use the same tactics to harm the people who they are expected to serve in the first place (Burnham, 2016). The courts were instituted to try the accused offenders and their fate determined by the jury based on the information that has been given to them by the prosecution as well as defense. The judge only serves as the mediator between the two parts so that the trial goes something and the jury takes in all the information that is presented to them.


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August 01, 2023

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