The Unsecured Public WI-FI

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The unsecured WI-FI can be accessible in the public places for instance hotels, restaurants, malls coffee shops, and airports and it allows the users to access the internet for free. While the network might provide valuable services to the customers, the chances are that the securities to such networks are nonexistence or lax.

The Security Concerns in Connecting To the Open Unsecured WI-FI

The clear transmission of data over the unsecured public WI-FI channels leaves other kinds of information open to theft, destruction, or interception. This can entail media files, intellectual property rights, corporate data, and the content for an instant message or encrypted email.

Having the enchanting audience of unprotected users that are linked to the same network gives the cybercriminals an opportunity to distribute the malicious software, for instance, the viruses or malware (Paraskevov & Levchenko, 2016). The unprotected open WI-FI lays groundwork of devices before stagnating a Distributed Denial Services or Denial of services attacks on the targeted network or website. Being in a position to transmit viruses to several persons at ago can be an excellent opportunity for transmitting the ransomware.

The individuals who gain access to the WI-FI resources and bandwidth can transmit illegal material that leaves the host at risk. For instance, an individual can use a particular network to transmit illegal material such as child pornography. The WI-FI providers might end up paying for the crime.

Approaches of Securing Devices from Open WI-FI

The best method of protecting from the public Wi-Fi is avoiding them at all cost. However, when individuals decide to use the internet, it is essential to use VPN on all the devices. The VPN tends to encrypt the data that is exchanged between various devices making it difficult for the individuals using the network to grab the details.

Sticking to the HTTS is essential. Some of the search engines such as Google give the user the opportunity to know whether the sites they are visiting use an unencrypted HTTP connection rather than encrypted (Zou, Liu, Wu & Ni, 2017). When using the HTTP to browse other persons using the same Wi-Fi cannot snoop the data that exchanged between the servers of the website you are accessing and you.

It is essential to turn off the network when not using the public network. The more individuals connect their devices to the internet, the easier it is for the hackers to access their information (Paraskevov & Levchenko, 2016).

Summarize a Recent Article Regarding Breach across an Open WI-FI Connection

Article: Credit Card Hackers Visit Hotels All Too Often (Sharkey, 2010)

Based on an article that was published in the New York Times by Joe Sharkey, 38 percent of the credit card hacking occurs in the hotel industry. The article noted that small and large institutions were found to be moving forward with the implementation of new states of technology while overlooking the simple cybersecurity dangers. Most of the hacker relies on the open public network to steal the credit card details of the customers in the hotels. Other sectors that were vulnerable to the hackers include bars that stood at 13 percent, retail at 14.2 percent and the financial service industry at 19 percent.


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September 04, 2023
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