The Use of Folk Music to Express the Nationalism of the United States

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If I were asked to compose some music to express the nationalism of my own country, the United States, the style of music that I would use is folk music. That is because the use of folk music would enable me to express various thoughts or subjects of national interest in a way that promotes national cohesion and integration. One of the thoughts that I would express in my folk music would be the need to bring together Americans of all stripes by reflecting on the country’s journey of democracy since the attainment of the country’s independence. The melody and rhythm that I would use in the music would aim at boosting the citizens’ morale in times of crisis, strengthening the people’s resolve in times of uncertainty, as well as rekindling pride in what we represent and who we are as the American people.

            Another idea or thought that I would express in the folk music would be the continuity and stability of the American culture. My composition would reflect the American cultural identities and values, including national, religious, ethnic, social, gender, and geographical cultures. That way, the music would act as a way of passing on the American cultural identities and values from one generation to another. Additionally, my musical composition would aim at boosting the integration of the American society by connecting the American people by entraining motor activities among the American citizens, as well as facilitating a shared emotional experience.

            In overall, the folk music that I would compose to express the nationalism of my country, the United States, would express and reflect my country's identity and values, as well as signify and remind the American citizens of the importance of the country's independence. Besides, the music would remind the American people of their shared bond as a people of a great nation.

October 05, 2023


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