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Organizations concentrate on the idea of staff efficiency and the aspect of gaining a comparative edge over competitors. However, the achievement of these targets is contingent on the firm's willingness to attract skilled employees and the implementation of educational programs that would increase the amount of feedback at the workstation. Nonetheless, management will be required to hire a new generation of employees who can perform on time and demonstrate progress in their pace of delivery after a training program has been implemented.

The type of duties performed in the firm will influence the selection of a training program. For example, the use of simulators can also be referred to as an advisable training tool that can be used in the firm. The workers will be exposed to activities/programs that are considered as replications to the ideal type of work. The employees will then be presented with these practices as a mechanism to identify their capabilities to execute the required services at the workstation. Therefore, a clear judgment can be applied as to whether the individual has the capacity to implement the ideal activities. The majority of the simulators is expensive, but certain jobs will need these activities, reducing the chances of providing poor quality services to the company.

However, regarding the aspect of decision making at the workstation, an employee will have the ability to identify the sections that are creating hardships in the implementation of various acts. A decision-making process will entail the issues of evaluating the milestones that have to be met in that job. Secondly, another strength in the decision-making process may involve the practices of advising the other staff on the measures that need to be applied to attain positive results. Nevertheless, an instance of using wrong procedures will affect the ideal outcome of a particular activity that needs to be executed. Therefore, simulators often involve a series of procedures about the job activities and the most appropriate measures that can be applied in providing a solution to any problem.

Approach for Different Employees

Some employees may use simulators with a reflection to the approaches that were previously used by workers that were facing certain difficulties at work. The implementation of these approaches may offer a positive result and minimize the instances of a similar incident from occurring at the workstation. Alternatively, workers may have a different approach that may involve the aspects of group work when faced with the aspect of attaining a given milestone. The creation of a group will help the workers have the opportunity to share ideologies of achieving a particular solution. However, the process of decision-making as an individual may lead to the attainment of a wrong outcome or have a difficulty with the formulation of the most appropriate solution to a problem at the workstation.

Under a manger’s perspective, s/he can develop an employee through the use of scorecards to offer guidance on the milestones that have been attained in a particular duration. The utilization of a scorecard will act as a directive to monitor the duties that have been executed. Nevertheless, an instance of having a wholesome approach will affect the level of prospect in the formulation of business ideologies.

December 15, 2022

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