What Is Kinesiology?

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Kinesiology is a science that deals with human movement. It focuses on the physiological, anatomical, and biomechanical principles of movement. It also addresses the pathological and neuropsychological principles of movement.

Branches of kinesiology

Branches of kinesiology are based on a holistic approach to health and healing. A kinesiologist uses gentle structural manipulation and muscle testing to realign the body to a sense of order and healing. The practitioner can also use massage, acupressure points, and vibrational alignment to help a person restore health.

The concept of muscle testing, also known as muscle monitoring, is at the heart of all kinesiology practices. It is a tool that helps the kinesiologist determine whether the client's meridian system is in balance. This helps the kinesiologist identify the underlying cause of the client's imbalance and support the client's immune system and digestive system.

Another important tool in kinesiology is the assessment of soft-tissue injuries. This involves exploring the forces that the body was subjected to during an injury and how they affected the meridian system. During a meridian analysis, the kinesiologist can evaluate the strength and severity of the tissue injuries.

The philosophic interpretation of the knowledge generated from kinesiology helps all branches of kinesiology to become unified. Its core concept is that there is a continuous flow of energy in the body. When the energy flow becomes disrupted, the body can develop a variety of movement disorders. The body's neuromuscular control can also be disrupted, which can lead to pain.

Kinesiology can address a variety of health issues, from addictions to insomnia to structural problems. It can also help a person restore health and wellbeing by correcting imbalances related to stress, nutrition, and hormones.

Specialisations available in kinesiology

Whether you want to help people maintain healthy eating habits or prevent future injuries, you can do it with a kinesiology degree. These degree programs can be found at all levels of education. You can also earn a certificate in the field to help enhance your skills.

A kinesiology degree can lead you to a number of careers, from athletic trainers to physical therapists. It can also prepare you for doctoral programs in the field. This means you have plenty of options, as many graduates continue on to become nutritionists, massage therapists, or athletic directors.

There are several types of kinesiology degrees to choose from, including associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees. You can also earn a master's degree in kinesiology. These degrees usually take two to three years to earn, and provide students with a framework for understanding issues related to the field.

Kinesiology is a great field for those who are passionate about health. Kinesiologists explore the way that biomechanical processes contribute to human health. This helps kinesiologists give updated advice to patients based on health trends.

Some kinesiology programs allow students to specialize in one of four or six areas. These areas include exercise physiology, fitness and wellness, sports management, rehabilitation science, or sports coaching. Each specialization requires different training and education, and some jobs require mandatory certification.

Careers in kinesiology

Whether you're just graduating high school or you're a current college student looking for a new career, kinesiology offers a wide range of options for a fulfilling career. Kinesiology careers range from athletic trainers to exercise physiologists.

The study of kinesiology provides graduates with the knowledge and experience to work in traditional clinical settings with cutting-edge research organizations. Graduates of kinesiology degree programs may also pursue a master's degree in the field, which may increase their job responsibilities and salaries.

Students who study kinesiology often have a strong academic background and an interest in the study of human movement and performance. Some students choose to become athletic trainers or personal trainers. Others find their way to careers in medical or health care.

Kinesiology degree programs can be obtained in a variety of specialties, including biomechanics, nutrition, rehabilitation, and sports performance. Graduates may also opt for a minor in disability studies.

Students who are interested in kinesiology careers should research the different specialties to ensure they are a good fit for their career goals. They should also discuss their options with mentors and talk to people who work in the field.

When deciding on a college program, be sure to choose a program accredited by a post-secondary school accreditation body. The Higher Learning Commission and the New England Commission on Higher Education are some of the accreditation bodies that can determine the quality of a program.

November 28, 2022


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