Workshop Process

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Workshops are proven to be an essential platform for imparting new skills and knowledge. This paper details the process that the coordinator is required to follow when conducting a workshop. It also delineates the responsibilities of the coordinator along with the recommendations on how to better the process. Workshops are indispensable when it comes to promoting work standardization. The program coordinator needs to utilize similar techniques when preparing for workshops.

The workshop program coordinator has a number of responsibilities including:

Facilitating diversity and awareness. The coordinator is supposed to take member registration and ensure that the attendance sheets are signed, and documents are signed to avoid inconveniences.

Leading with inclusion is an important role that very coordinator needs to consider. A checklist has to be used and the required materials to be available on time.

Perhaps, one of the pivotal roles centres on mentorship practices. The coordinator receives information from the managers before the workshop, and thus one is required to make the necessary arrangements including seeking catering services and binders ahead on time.

The coordinator should consider emerging women and guide them in the leadership program. The materials to be used in this case have to be printed three days before the workshop starts. Women can be mentored in the field of business and leadership.

Considerations to be observed in a workshop.

A calendar which indicates the workshop dates is essential in helping one to plan for the practice on time.

Diversity awareness is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Every workshop invites people from diverse ethnic backgrounds with different gender and age. The wide range of participants should be a focus of concern when preparing for the workshop. The managers of the workshop are mandated with the responsibility of conducting the coordinator three days before and inform on the vital information.

The catering services need to be in place, and this should be three days before. Catering is a special component in every workshop as it facilitates in the smooth running of the practice.

Laptop machines need to be functional with every division having at least one.

Generating spreadsheets is fundamental as it guides on room allocation for every member and expected participants.

Procedure to be followed by the program coordinator is detailed in the diagram below.


All the required materials and documents should be printed on time and particularly two weeks before the workshop starts.

More laptops have to be ordered and to ensure that every division has access to it to overcome possible problematic issues.

Attendance checklist to be signed should be available, and the program coordinator needs to ensure that every member signs it.

New calendar has to be generated and includes all the workshop dates from the time it begins to the time it ends.

The registration process has to be closed four days before the workshop starts to give way for the preparation process. The program coordinator will be able to arrange for the required material and catering services.

A connection should be established between the planners and the participants. A website can be created for interaction. The participants should be informed about the workshop process. Changes in personal information such as phone number should be notified.

Materials such as books have to be requested three months before it starts. Again, the room has to be inspected a day to the workshop. The projector and all the materials must be functional.

All stationeries need to be prepared and placed in a strategic place. Again, extra clickers and batteries should be requested.

It is mandatory for the managers to fill a specified form one week before the onset of the practice. The forms highlight the critical aspects of the workshop including the objective and the expected results.

Formulating a diagram is mandatory in attempts to explain how work will flow when preparing and conducting the workshop. This also promotes standardization of the process.

January 19, 2024

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