All Truth About College Dropouts. Infographic.

January 13, 2017


Did you know that half of all college students drop out before receiving a degree? Every fourth freshman don’t complete even their first year. In the USA half a million students drop out every year. What are the reasons for it?

First of all, 80% of students say that school is too easy and don’t pay much attention to the education. As a result 5 out of 10 young men can’t find New York or Ohio on a map of the USA, 9 of 10 can’t find Afghanistan on a map of Asia, 3 of 10 don’t know where China is on a Globe, 7 of 10 can’t find North Korea and 4 of 10 don’t know where Israel, Iraq or Saudi Arabia are situated. 56% of all the students of 4 year program receive a degree in 6 years.

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The highest college attainment rates among 25-34 years are in Canada (55.8%), South Korea, Russia (both 55.5%), Japan (53.7%), New Zealand (47/3%) and USA (40%).

4/5 students, who study math or science truly think that their K-12 education wasn’t enough to prepare them for college. Moreover, 2.2 million of freshmen study high school material in college one more time and it disappoints them in the higher education system. 80% of students in remedial classes had a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher while 20% of freshmen with a 4.0 GPA need remediation in Math, English or both.

Only 26.2% of students have skills in writing, but 8/10 youngsters believed that they were ready for college when they graduated from school. As a rule writing isn’t considered fun by most students and an average student spends only three hours on writing per week. But male students struggle worse than female students. If you too are tired of essay writing contact to get quick and expert help.


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