The Best Essay Hook Examples For College: Strategy Plus Direct Examples

November 09, 2022

When students write their academic papers, they barely think about the importance of essay hook examples. They worry about the introduction, body, and conclusion as a whole — few of them consider aspects that can make or break these sections. The introduction is crucial since this is the first thing readers see. It needs to be stimulating and comprehensive. The hook is the first sentence, and the more fascinating it is, the more readers you’ll attract. We prepared examples you’ll find insightful.

What Are Efficient Hook Examples for Essays?

Every professional essay writer knows how many types of hooks exist. As a student, you might feel confused, but don’t worry, we’ll help you out. We selected the five most efficient forms of hooks you could incorporate into your paper:

  • Shocking and powerful fact. Start writing your text with a strong sentence. It could be deeply emotional, shocking, devastating — anything to make your readers’ eyes linger.
  • Piece of statistics. Statistics make good hook sentences for essays. They reflect pure facts and demonstrate that you chose a scientific approach, something multiple people appreciate.
  • A question. Another smart idea is starting a paper with a rhetorical question. This doesn’t work for all types of academic papers, but you could use it for semi-formal or high school-level tasks.
  • A joke. Such hook essay ideas are hard to come by but they do exist. Joking is generally not academic in nature, but it could brighten informal or personal papers.
  • Direct quote. Using direct quotes at the start isn’t academically correct, but hooks are the exception. You could start your introduction by citing some notable person.

You could use any of these hook types. They all have the power to help your paper sound interesting. But what can be better than a practical demonstration? Look for it right below!

Twenty College Essay Hooks Examples for Your Usage

Experts who write papers for money don’t need to see examples to create excellent hooks. But this article is for you, and we know you probably want to see fleshed-out ideas for your introduction. This won’t be a problem at all! Check this table out.

Type of a Hook Example Best Essays for This Hook Worst Essays for This Hook
Powerful statement “People who did not lose their children will never understand the rawness of pain it causes.” Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy research or analytical essays Scientific papers, lab reports
Question “Which people never thought about the meaning of their life?” Philosophy or Literature essays and case studies Scientific or technological papers
Joke “The first time I wrote an essay, I decided that I never want to do it again.” This is the best hook for essay reflections or narrative essays Strict academic papers
Direct quote “If every person experienced the consequences of their actions, there would be no such thing as murder.’ This quote was provided by Alison Smith, who…” Literature, English, Philosophy, Biology papers Reports, IT tasks, scientific essays
Statistics “Over 80% of Russian population supports the genocide of Ukrainian people.” History, Sociology, and other kinds of research essays English or Literature tasks, technical lab reports
Powerful statement “Understanding what happened to murder victims is a mystery that haunts many people obsessively.” Criminology essays, Psychology case studies Everything not related to crime and/or human nature
Statistics “Research has shown that at least 70% of students thought about ordering an essay at least once in their life.” These essay hook ideas are for papers on academic writing, student life or habits No need to use it in essays that have nothing to do with education
Powerful statement “Cell phones are one of the biggest reasons that cause people’s death.” Technology-focused essays or case studies, Sociology research or Business coursework Bad choice for assignments that have no connection with technology / phones
Question “When will the world finally come to its end?” Philosophy papers, reflections or personal position essays Strictly scientific essays would not be a good fit
Powerful statement “Pigeons are the most miserable birds who love life but are constantly misunderstood by people.” Biology, Zoology, or personal-thought papers Avoid similar examples of hooks for essays that do not center of birds
Joke “Love between a man and a woman exists, but it only happens when they are related to each other.” Psychology coursework, Sociology dynamics explorations Math, IT, Physics, or other similar essays
Direct quote “Every person can start their business but not everyone can make it successful.” Business, Accounting, Finance case studies No place for such quotes in essays not related to business and psychological dynamics involved
Question “Who would not want to have an immortal life?” Philosophy reflections, Literature analysis on books exploring immortality Science-focused papers
Statistics “The latest US trends show that only 53% of people trust their local police officers.” History, Sociology essays English, personal narrations, Literature papers
Direct quote “A person cannot love someone if they have no love for themselves.” These are good hooks for essays examples on different personal or Sociology topics No reason for such quotes in science  or technical essays
Joke “If every person could see themselves for what they are, mirrors would not exist.” Philosophy research, satiric narrations Formal papers not dedicated to exploring philosophy
Powerful statement “One desperate instance of resorting to plagiarism can ruin a person's life.” Academic papers Non-academic papers
Statistics “Statistics show that at least 1% of the population identify themselves as aromantic asexuals.” Sex Education, Sociology works Assignments that have zero links to human sexuality
Direct quote “Animals are an equivalent of children.” Humanism essays Animal non-related assignments
Statistics “Only 40% of people read books on a constant basis.” Analytical essays on Sociology Don’t apply this hook in papers that aren’t related to human behavior

Come up with the Most Gripping Hooks in Seconds

After seeing our hooks for essays examples, you can easily create your own. Use our ideas as models, and adapt them to your needs, and the more often you do it, the quicker this process will get. If problems emerge, order plagiarism free essays from us and enjoy yourself. Get in touch now, explain your requirements and we’ll start working immediately! Our hooks will leave you and your audience awed.

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