How to Write an Analytical Essay Guide with Examples

September 21, 2023

How to Write an Analytical Essay: Step-by-Step Writing Guide

Were you hoping to discover how to write an analytical essay quickly? You’re in luck! All you need is a willingness to learn and a guide with professional tips. Experts who make Top Essay Writing flourish as the number one academic platform contributed their knowledge and devised a range of suggestions to help you become a master of analytical writing. Soak in their advice and start practicing — if you lack proper skills, you are about to acquire them! Well, if you suddenly realize that you don't have time to research, analyze, and write, we suggest that you contact professional analytical essay writers.

Getting Simple Questions Out of the Way: What Is an Analytical Paper?

Understanding your task and the subject you’re exploring is essential. If a student needs law essay writing service from experts, it means they are struggling with their homework, and the same goes for analytical papers. Most people who seek out assistance with it have no idea what this task involves. So, what is an analytical essay? It’s a paper that takes a topic and presents a writer’s argument on it, developing it, proving its value, and showing why it makes sense. Analysis lies at the core of this assignment: choosing a subject and analyzing it, arriving at a specific conclusion. Students benefit from writing this kind of paper since they sharpen their critical thinking skills and understand how to explain their views from a scientific perspective. But before you start, you need to cover the pre-writing stage. We’re going to explore it below.

Pre-Writing Stage: Get Ready for Analytical Writing

Crafting an analysis essay without preparing for it adequately is a bad idea, especially if you’re an inexperienced student. You might think anything but writing is a waste of time, but that’s not true. Cover six steps below and see how quickly and effectively you can finish your paper!

  • Step 1: Understand the purpose of your assignment. Remember that the point here is the analysis when you need to write an analytical essay. Seeing examples is better than reading theory, so let us demonstrate it.

Chosen subject: The Batman movie with Robert Pattinson.

Our objective: To analyze how this movie explores the effect of childhood trauma on the protagonist’s mental health.

  • Step 2: Pick a topic you truly like or make it interesting. When students can select their own topic, it’s great news. Try going for a subject that intrigues or inspires you. It could be a favorite book, a movie, an event, etc. If your professor gave you a specific prompt, it complicates the situation, but students could still turn it around. We often get requests like, “Please write my APA paper for me because I don’t understand my topic.” You could ask for help, too, or research the topic and focus on an interesting element. Here are some examples of how to do it:

Writing an analytical essay about a boring book: try finding a character, an arc, or a technical piece you like. It could be a minor love story, a setting, a writer’s tone, a house or a city, and similar elements.

Exploring a boring concept: try applying it to things you find interesting. If the professor asked you to analyze a butterfly effect, but you don’t like its scientific complexities, explore it in the context of a specific event, like donating your toy to an orphanage, a man changing his mind and not going to a party at the last minute, etc.  

Analyzing someone’s case study: if a case study that the professor asked students to analyze is boring, write an analytical essay on an aspect that intrigued you. Imagine it’s a medical case study: if you are not interested in a patient’s condition, analyze a nurse’s behavior. Find something to criticize — it always makes things more interesting.

  • Step 3: Perform a quick brainstorming session. Determine what aspects of a topic you’ll be analyzing. You could do it by yourself, just writing down ideas or asking a friend or a relative for help. Ask yourself these questions: what am I going to analyze? What do I seek to prove? What reasons made me interpret the topic like this? Are there any arguments that prove my point?
  • Step 4: Make up a strong thesis. How to write a good analysis essay thesis? Make it direct, on point, and reflect the main purpose of your paper in it. A thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction. It informs readers and guides writers, reminding them of what goal they’re following. Here is our thesis on the same topic about The Batman movie:

Thesis: “The Batman movie uses dark lighting, impactful music, and a grim atmosphere to demonstrate how witnessing the death of his parents damaged Bruce Wayne and inspired him to become Batman.”

  • Step 5: Find supporting evidence for your paper. Start looking for credible sources that will help them in their analysis. It could be articles with DOI, books from academic publishing houses, and other relevant sources. Don’t use them heavily, though, not unless your professor demands it: these insights should complement your paper without outshining it.
  • Step 6: Develop a helpful outline. Create an outline that reflects your analytical essay structure. Even if your teacher didn’t request it, write it anyway — even if it is short, you’ll benefit from it in the long run. It’s an important element in every paper, so we’re going to dedicate some more time to it below.

Clear Outline for Your Analytical Essay

Outlines have value regardless of what type of assignment students are working on. You might be wondering how to write a reflection paper effectively or sweat over your analytical paper, the result will be the same: you’ll need three sections and at least three paragraphs. Five paragraphs are the most common option. Use this template: just paste it into your Word file and fill it out with relevant details.


  • Hook as the first sentence
  • Background of your topic
  • Thesis statement as the last sentence

Body Paragraph 1‍

  • Opening sentence
  • Evidence: point 1 from thesis
  • Closing sentence

Body Paragraph 2‍

  • Opening sentence
  • Evidence: point 2 from thesis
  • Closing sentence

Body Paragraph 3

  • Opening sentence
  • Evidence: point 3 from thesis
  • Closing sentence


  • Restating thesis from the introduction
  • Summarizing major points from the body
  • Giving a final assessment of the topic

If you feel confused and uncertain about what some of these points mean, we’ve got your back! We’ll explore each section and then provide an actual example.

Strong Introduction or How to Start an Analysis Essay

As you see from the template, the introduction consists of 3 different elements. The first line in your text is called a hook: it’s the first thing readers see, so it should be powerful, interesting, and motivating. Hooks differ: they could take the shape of an emotional claim, shocking piece of statistics, thoughtful question, or even a joke, depending on the tone of your paper. 
Background comes next. Standard analytical essay format stipulates that writers must present their topic, explain when it emerged and how, and list its key nuances. For example, in a paper about The Batman movie, we’d mention its date of release, its director, and its basic plot. Introduction should not take more than 10% of your word count, so this part cannot be long. Sometimes dedicating several sentences to it is enough. The thesis is the last sentence; as you already know, it must be powerful and direct. Explain what goal your paper is pursuing in it. Avoid phrases like “in this paper” — they are only meaningless and redundant. Follow the thesis example we presented above.

Body of an Engaging Analytical Essay

The body comes after analysis essay introduction, and it must have a direct link with the thesis. Each paragraph starts with an opening sentence: it should reference the thesis and disclose what you will explore in this section. Never add direct quotes or info from other sources here. Our Batman-related sample thesis mentioned such elements as “dark lighting,” “impactful music,” and “grim atmosphere” that illustrate the mental damage Bruce Wayne sustained after watching the murder of his parents. It means that the first sentence of our first body paragraph would reference “dark lighting” and its role in the movie. Paragraph two deals with music and so on.

“Evidence” can be anything. In a synthesis essay that involves several different sources, you’d be uniting and separating arguments of different scholars; in an analytical essay example, you must present an argument that supports your chosen point of view and reaffirm it with the help of outside sources. With The Batman, we’d mention a specific scene with dark lighting. We’d comment on its meaning and how it relates to Bruce Wayne’s psyche; we’d explore what it was meant to show while occasionally referencing academic articles. The closing sentence either summarizes what you discussed or creates a transition toward the next paragraph. It takes one line, so make it brief but meaningful.

Conclusion Analytical Essay and How to Write It

Start the conclusion by restating your thesis. Never use the same exact sentences: write something new. This should remind your readers of what purpose your paper was following. Then present key takeaways from the body. Remember that an acceptable conclusion length is 10% at most, just like it is with the introduction. Be concise but meticulous. List the main findings and finish everything with a final evaluation. For a movie-based paper, we’d reveal whether the director succeeded in presenting the subject effectively and comment on the role this movie plays in the franchise. Students could also share recommendations for other researchers if this is appropriate.

Choosing Good Topics for Your Paper

How to write analysis essay effectively? Choosing an interesting topic is a great start. We already mentioned this before: if you have freedom of choice, use it smartly. Think about your favorite movies, books, short stories, fanfiction, songs, events or concepts. Prepare good arguments that you’d enjoy analyzing. If you lack ideas, here are some random options!

  • Did COVID-19 bring Any Positive Changes into People’s Lives?
  • Is Romance in a Book of Your Choice Depicted Convincingly?
  • What Elements Made Barbie Movie Successful?
  • How to Fight the Overpopulation Problem?
  • What Revelations Did the Russian War against Ukraine Bring?

Gain Practical Knowledge by Reading Analysis Paragraph Examples

Our team wrote a concise Batman movie paper so that you could see what it would look like. We gave it three paragraphs, exploring only one main body point for convenience. Read it to make everything you’ve already learned stick. Check our website for more free essay samples.

How The Batman Movie Depicts Mental Damage of Childhood Trauma

Losing a loved one brings devastation with lasting damage. (Hook) The Batman movie by Matt Reeves was released in 2022, and it explores this grim subject on the example of Bruce Wayne. After seeing his parents get shot to death as a child, he became a depressed man obsessed with committing violence for the sake of justice. He began to wear a bat-like costume and attack criminals, preventing them from hurting other people. (Background) The Batman movie uses dark lighting to demonstrate how witnessing death of his parents damaged Bruce Wayne and inspired him to become Batman. (Thesis)

Grim lighting helps underline the darkness that lives in Bruce Wayne as a result of his trauma. (Opening sentence) His parents were killed in the evening, in a dark alley, and his Batman persona is a dangerous night creature. Lighting often conveys characters’ mood (Allens 2018), and this movie starts on a Halloween night, showing the darkest corners of the city. The streets and the subway are covered in shadows: they have bad lighting, which intensifies the feeling of fear, and they are crowded with criminals. When Batman emerges to stop them, he steps out from the darkness. This implies that he is more dangerous than the killers he hunts, as while they remain in shadows, he is the personification of blackness. In the course of the movie, he realizes how damaging his behavior is, and he chooses to help people in more immediate ways, such as by helping them escape the flooded area. The lighting changes with him: everything stays dark, but Batman is holding a torch that lights the area around him. It creates a contrast that signifies change. (Evidence) Thus, despite the overall grim lighting, the movie ends on a hopeful note. (Closing sentence)
The Batman uses various lighting techniques to underline the damage the murder of his parents did to Bruce Wayne. (Restated thesis) Most moments are lit with darkness, such as the key subway and flooded stadium scenes. Batman feels bleak and the world around him reflects it until the end of movie, when hope emerges, accompanied by a bright torch. (Key points) Reeves used lighting successfully as it made the movie feel more impactful. (Final assessment)

Use All Tips and Write a Fantastic Analytical Essay

You have seen analysis definition in writing by now: hopefully, you understand how to write an analytical essay and which steps precede it. Always try to explore an interesting topic; if you have no choice in picking it, find a perspective you wouldn’t mind exploring. Follow the template we provided, find good academic articles, and your writing process will become much quicker than you’re used to! Let us know if something is still bothering you and if you need help. Open a chat window, ask questions, and we’ll provide personalized assistance.

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