A Biography of Rajendra Prasad

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Rajendra Prasad, known as RP, was an Indian nationalist who was active in politics. He served three times as the president of the Indian National Congress. He renounced his legal career and joined the independence movement in 1920. He was also jailed for his political beliefs during the Salt Satyagraha and the Quit India movement. In 1946, he was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Bihar Province and served as the president of the assembly from 1946 to 1950. During his political career, Prasad was widely admired for his objectivity, impartiality, and intellect.

He was a lawyer

Rajendra Prasad was born on December 3, 1884. He studied at Presidency College in Calcutta and later at the University of Calcutta, where he was the first science undergrad to graduate. Rajendra then chose to pursue his legal studies in the city of Calcutta, achieving a Masters in Business Administration. In 1911, he became a lawyer and joined the Indian National Congress. Later, he was elected to the All India Congress Committee. He then practiced law in his hometown of Bhagalpur.

He was a teacher

Rajendra Prasad began his education in the twelfth century when he was placed under the tutelage of a Maulvi, an imam, in his hometown of Bihar. Here, he learned Persian, Hindi, and Mathematics. He later graduated with a first division, and was subsequently awarded a doctorate from Allahabad University. While studying law, Rajendra Prasad was also a civic activist and a member of the Dawn Society. In 1905, he was elected to teach at the Langat Singh College in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, where his brother, Mahendra Prasad, was also a student.

He was a writer

Rajendra Prasad began his career as a lawyer in 1911, and joined the Patna High Court soon after. He later moved to Bhagalpur in Bihar. He was a popular figure throughout the region, and later entered politics. He was elected to the Indian National Congress and served on the state's legislative body. He is perhaps best known for his political writings, including a book titled 'Ramayana'.

He was a humanist

Rajendra Prasad was a politician in Bihar who embraced Gandhian ideology and his unique mode of protest against the colonial rulers. He devoted himself to political action with the goal of freeing his home state of Bihar. Prasad also admired Gandhi's philosophies and wrote several books on the subject. He also supported Gandhi's non-violence campaign.

He was a freedom fighter

One of India's most revered and celebrated freedom fighters, Rajendra Prasad was born in Punjab and passed his Masters degree with distinction. In 1962, he was accorded the highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna. Prasad died on 28 February 1963. He was 78. Read on to know more about Rajendra Prasad, an important figure in the history of Indian freedom.

He was India's first president

Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first President of independent India. He was a prominent leader of the Indian Nationalist movement and chose to leave his lucrative career in law to pursue a greater cause, freedom. Prasad also headed the Constituent Assembly post-independence and was one of the principal architects of the Republic of India. His legacy is still revered throughout the country.

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