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299 views 3 pages ~ 606 words
Services Vietnam offered to free world during WWW II

Ho Cho Minh called for support from the free world during the Democratic Republic of Vietnam's 1945 Declaration of Indep...

104 views 3 pages ~ 650 words
The Election of 1800

The founders of the American Revolution took a great risk: As the first colonies to rebel and call for their independenc...

221 views 3 pages ~ 708 words
‘What is Revolution?'

From Adams Smith's article, the question "What is Revolution?" is answered with several interpretations based on the soc...

235 views 3 pages ~ 736 words
What You Need to Know About John Adams' Life and Career

This essay will provide some interesting facts about Adams and his family. Learn about Abigail Adams, the writings of Thomas Jefferson, and more...

216 views 3 pages ~ 651 words
The Comparison of Declaration of Independence,US Constitution, and Jefferson’s Letter

The United States Constitution, like the Declaration of Independence, is a "democracy" text that defines the rights of U...

298 views 7 pages ~ 1710 words
Discussion of the american dream

The American Dream is the belief that the government should uphold each individual's right to achieve their own version ...

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