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240 views 7 pages ~ 1883 words
The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Research Essay

The Australian Consumer legislation (ACL) is a national legislation for trade and consumer protection that is outlined i...

161 views 6 pages ~ 1491 words
Fourth Amendment Research Essay

People are protected from unreasonable, unjustified searches of their homes, property, and personal belongings under the...

230 views 3 pages ~ 584 words
The Firearms Act Discussion Research Essay

Discussions about firearms encompass a wide range of topics, from positive to negative, and include recommendations for ...

171 views 6 pages ~ 1562 words
The 5th Amendment Research Essay

The purpose of the United States Constitution was to protect citizens' rights from abuse by the government. The constitu...

291 views 3 pages ~ 730 words
The Miranda versus Arizona Case Research Essay

The Miranda v. Arizona case decision is discussed, as well as how it came to be. The case started in 1963 when Ernesto M...

241 views 10 pages ~ 2615 words
How did the Magna Carta affect the United States Constitution?

The United States' constitution is based on the Magna Carta, a charter that was settled on June 15, 1215, in Europe. Bet...

214 views 5 pages ~ 1350 words
The Constitution of the Maldives

It is believed that until 1932, the Maldives lacked a constitution, allowing customs and practices to govern the country...

245 views 3 pages ~ 791 words
Constitution Essay

The U.S. Constitution's protections against mass public hysteria and political whims are one of its strengths, as is dem...

82 views 8 pages ~ 1933 words
The Australian Constitution and Commonwealth

The Australian Constitution lays out laws and rules intended to guide and control the activities of different groups in ...

288 views 2 pages ~ 402 words
This is a bill of rights Essay

This is a list of privileges that can be found in the Canadian Constitution. The Charter includes a collection of laws t...

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