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217 views 3 pages ~ 750 words
Gun or firearm control Research Essay

Gun or firearm control and regulation includes the development and application of legislation or other measures intended...

171 views 6 pages ~ 1562 words
The 5th Amendment Research Essay

The purpose of the United States Constitution was to protect citizens' rights from abuse by the government. The constitu...

88 views 2 pages ~ 375 words
Speeches delivered by Susan b Anthony and candy Stanton

The speeches given by Candy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony reflect a country that has no universal laws other than those t...

245 views 3 pages ~ 791 words
Constitution Essay

The U.S. Constitution's protections against mass public hysteria and political whims are one of its strengths, as is dem...

128 views 3 pages ~ 626 words
The enclosing of the constitution and revolution

The most significant impact of the American Civil War is the revolution and enclosing of the constitution. The nation's ...

285 views 9 pages ~ 2425 words
Speech Codes and Restrictions

Due to the controversy it has generated over the years, the adoption of speech codes in American colleges and universiti...

100 views 5 pages ~ 1190 words
The right to peaceful protests

The US Constitution specifically the First Amendment guarantees the right to peaceful demonstration. Actually, the goal ...

164 views 2 pages ~ 453 words
When the US National Anthem plays, the NFL shouldn't kneel.

As ancient as the US constitution, standing at attention during the national anthem is a virtue. (Scott 410). According ...

185 views 6 pages ~ 1410 words
The second amendment

Since the start of the second part of the 20th century, the second Amendment has become a contentious issue. Gun control...

134 views 6 pages ~ 1580 words
Becoming an Informed Voter – Researching Your Congressional

The American Constitution guarantees the rights and liberties of all citizens of the United States. For instance, indivi...

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