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Unfair System of Justice

To ensure peaceful coexistence, every healthy community needs a functioning justice system. The United States' legal sys...

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Tinker v. Des Moines (1969) and Snyder v. Phelps (2011)

Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, there are various freedoms guaranteed to individuals, which are viewed as being at ...

154 views 2 pages ~ 577 words
Slavery And The Civil War

Slavery led to the American civil war in which several people lost their lives while fighting to achieve specific aims. For instance, the whites...

283 views 4 pages ~ 876 words
Civil liberties

Human protections recognized under the constitution are referred to as civil liberties. The rights act is a legislative ...

147 views 4 pages ~ 864 words
laws to open carry

Various rules regulate how people can bear and walk with their arms in public. For example, the United States of America...

132 views 7 pages ~ 1772 words
Business Law and Sale Contract

Contractual transactions are distinguished by various factors that must be present in order for a business transaction t...

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The Final Project

I would start a soft drink business with the slogan "Live It Up." The business will be known as Live It Up Corporation a...

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