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The Use of Ethos in Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King (MLKJ) wrote a letter during his stay in a Birmingham jail when he was arrested for civil rights camp...

196 views 4 pages ~ 1079 words
Investigate the Supreme Court’s decision in Plessy vs Ferguson (1896)

Background and Historical context The Separate Car Act, which was passed in the state of Louisiana in 1890, necessitated...

237 views 3 pages ~ 724 words
Blair L. Kelly's The Right to Ride

The right to ride is a book by American renowned writer Blair L Kelly. It was a response and highlight into the growing ...

213 views 4 pages ~ 877 words
The Importance of Historical Fiction in Learning History

The March trilogy is a memoir of Congressman Lewis who has a long eminent career in his engagement in politics. March is...

296 views 6 pages ~ 1463 words
The Civil Rights Movement

The struggle for social justice which took place in the mid-twentieth century gave rise to the Civil Rights Movement. Th...

73 views 8 pages ~ 2070 words
The Voice of Freedom

The history of America revolves around the emancipation of the masses, given that for a long time, the country was the h...

127 views 4 pages ~ 928 words
The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King: Apostle of Militant Nonviolence by James A. Colaiaco was written in 1988. The book provides details ...

63 views 8 pages ~ 1979 words
NAACP Facts and History Timeline

Source 1: Alchin, L. (2014). NAACP Facts & History Timeline. [Online]. Available at:

177 views 6 pages ~ 1623 words
The Niagara Movement

Source: Long, S. (2016). The Niagara Movement. Niagara Falls Museums. [Online]. Retrieved from: https://niagarafallsmuse...

102 views 9 pages ~ 2435 words
NAACP History

Source: NAACP. Org. (n.d). The First 100 Years of NAACP History (1909 - 2009). [Online]. Available at: http://www.indyna...

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