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297 views 3 pages ~ 565 words
Advantages of Industrialization

Industrialization is described as the transformation of an economy from primarily agricultural to an economy that incorp...

91 views 2 pages ~ 319 words
The Industrial Revolution in Britain

The BBC documentary “The Industrial Revolution” by Professor Jeremy Black explains how Britain became the focal point of...

294 views 3 pages ~ 671 words
The Relationship Between The Railway and The American Industrial Revolution

This source provides a historical perspective of the development of the railroad as well as how the builders of the rail...

207 views 4 pages ~ 851 words
The Industrial Revolution in Britain

In the website, Nicholls, Laura focuses on illustrating different features of Britain’s Industrial Revolution. The autho...

237 views 2 pages ~ 334 words
The American Industrial Revolution

century in England and spread to North America and other parts of Europe. Industrialization in the USA grew in the years...

176 views 5 pages ~ 1369 words
Railroads in The Early US (before 1865) and Industrial Revolution Are Linked Together

The Industrial Revolution is considered one of the global phenomena, which was associated with the transition to new man...

89 views 8 pages ~ 2014 words
The Impact of Industrial Revolution on Society

The Industrial Revolution brought about radical changes to all societies across the globe, changes that occurred gradual...

109 views 6 pages ~ 1561 words
How did the emergence of industrial capitalism between 1865 and 1960 alter the American identity?

In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution began in the United States. This revolution significantly altered both th...

207 views 8 pages ~ 2108 words
British Working Class Conditions in the Nineteenth Century

The advent of machinery, particularly the steam engine in the cotton industry, marked the beginning of the proletariat i...

141 views 6 pages ~ 1509 words
The Industrial Revolution Essay

The long-lasting effects of the Industrial Revolution are still shaping the contemporary world. Because of the discoveri...

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