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Essays on History of The United States

You might be thinking that writing the History of the United States essay for your college course is one of the easiest tasks to complete. You might know everything to include in your essay, yet when you have to start with your first sentence, you are most likely to get stuck. Keeping this fact in mind, we have chosen a great selection of free essay samples on History of the United States. It must be noted that writing about the Black Lives Matter social movement and racial injustice is also a part of American History. Brainstorm all the topics below and write down all that you like. Just remember to paraphrase to avoid any plagiarism issues.

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85 views 3 pages ~ 707 words
The Struggle for Equal Rights: Martin Luther King J...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Susan B. Anthony was also a civil rights leader. Anthony was mainly an advocate for women's rights, while King was an advocate...

87 views 2 pages ~ 411 words
American Democracy and Women's Rights Paper

After the murder of Abraham Lincoln, the legislative branch carried out the tasks of restoring the country. Because Congress was dominated by the Republicans...

151 views 5 pages ~ 1133 words
The American Civil War and the Revolution in the Ec...

The Civil War continues to be one of the most unforgettable incidents in the history of the United States. In comparison, the Civil War will determine upon i...

166 views 6 pages ~ 1626 words
History: About the Boston Tea Party

There have been several incidents throughout history that have altered the direction of a society's life. The Boston Tea Party is one of these occurrences. T...

205 views 3 pages ~ 566 words
Rosa Parks Letter Essay

Millions of people throughout the world are moved to tears when they hear the name Rosa Parks. The first image that comes to me is of an African-American wom...

123 views 2 pages ~ 353 words
The Louisiana Purchase: A Land Agreement

The Louisiana Purchase occurred in 1803. It was a land agreement between France and the United States in which the United States paid $15 million for about ...

211 views 7 pages ~ 1736 words
Research Paper on Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party occurred in December 1773, prior to the American Revolution. The action was highlighted by an unprecedented public demonstration by Amer...

295 views 4 pages ~ 846 words
About Rosa Parks as an Activist

Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist best known for her refusal to give up her seat on an Alabama bus for a white man in 1955, which helped to kickstart th...

208 views 9 pages ~ 2210 words
Minimum Wage Discussion

Many economic forums have been clouded by debates about whether to raise or lower the minimum wage. In the United States, the minimum wage was first increase...

54 views 5 pages ~ 1174 words
Unemployment in the United States

In the year 1950, the official documentation of unemployment figures in the United States began. Estimates of historical unemployment, on the other hand, hav...

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