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229 views 3 pages ~ 775 words
Scientific Innovation of Historical Scientists

Scientists may want to pride in the great scientific invention people enjoy today. However, some historical individuals ...

199 views 2 pages ~ 294 words
The Scientific Revolution and the "Risk It All" Ideology

One of the main reasons for exploration is to determine alternative trade routes. Europeans, for example, frequently tra...

82 views 6 pages ~ 1567 words
Everything you need to know about Globalization

Because of the technological revolution, the globe has shrunk to the size of a small market in which people can quickly ...

210 views 3 pages ~ 642 words
About the Internet

The Internet was one of the most groundbreaking inventions of the twentieth century. The Internet, a digital infrastruct...

451 views 2 pages ~ 545 words
Stephen Hawking Books

There are several Stephen Hawking books that have captivated audiences. These books range from The Grand Design and The Universe in a Nutshell t...

89 views 4 pages ~ 957 words
Benjamin Banneker Biography

Benjamin Banneker was a self-taught astronomer, writer and scientist. This was a significant achievement for an African American living during t...

131 views 11 pages ~ 2891 words
The ideas and concepts of nanotechnology

The ideas and techniques of nanotechnology started in 1959, when physicist Richard Feynman gave a talk entitled "There i...

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