Advantages of Industrialization

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Industrialization and its Early Lead

Industrialization is described as the transformation of an economy from primarily agricultural to an economy that incorporates the manufacture of goods. Here, mechanized mass production replaces individual manual labor, whereas assembly lines replace craftsmen. At the start of the industrialization, some countries had an early lead compared to others. These countries experienced the benefits of industrialization and became industrialized long before other countries followed suit. However, countries such as Great Britain were well ahead of the rest in regard to industrialization.

Factors Contributing to Early Industrialization

Industrialization took an early lead in some countries due to several factors. For instance, a country such as Great Britain contained a populace who are explorers that believed in scientific advancement as well as human progress. Incidentally, they were constantly inventing new things and making newer discoveries that gave them an upper hand in regard to industrialization. They also embraced new technology and incorporated them into their systems and daily lives. This worked towards making them more adept at the use of technology ultimately increasing their production returns. On the contrary, other countries were not keen on incorporating new technologies as they speculated that they would not work. Many countries were slow to adopt the technological changes unless they had been proven by British success.

Role of Natural Resources and Supportive Governments

Additionally, some of the countries who spearheaded the industrial revolution were blessed with natural resources that played a huge part in the industrialization efforts of their country. For instance, Britain that was the first country to have an industrial revolution had large deposits of iron as well as coal. This helped to provide power for the new industries that had come up. Moreover, Britain, as well as other countries that spearheaded the revolution, had governments that were supportive of the industrialization efforts. The British government in this regard gave patents meant to protect investors and encouraged commerce as well as offering financial perks to various industrialists (Judge & Langdon, 2016). This move by governments to support industrialization thus became a factor that separated the countries that industrialized first and those that followed suit later.

Importance of Trade Networks and Colonies

The systems put in place in countries also contributed to the speed of industrialization there. Countries that had a good trade network, as well as numerous colonies, were better suited for industrialization as the colonies could provide raw materials for production as well as a ready market for the goods that were manufactured (Judge & Langdon, 2016). Britain, for example, had many colonies in North America, which provided a ready market for the goods that they produced. In addition to this, they had an excellent trade network where the goods, as well as raw materials, could be transported. This made them become pioneers of industrialization.


In conclusion, the countries that spearheaded the revolution have been seen to have had unique advantages that enabled them to embrace industrialization successfully. Advantages such as population, natural resources, cooperative governments, and trade networks enabled these pioneer countries to embrace industrialization and become a model for other countries. As soon as other countries saw the success rate registered in the industrialization process, they took up industrialization and embarked on a journey to industrialize their own country. This spread across the globe and thus began a new industrialized era.


Judge, E. H., & Langdon, J. W. (2016). Connections: a world history. Pearson.

November 24, 2023


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