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298 views 4 pages ~ 904 words
American Imperialism, Restoration, Industrialization, Revolutionary Era

Reconstruction and Race Ties In the United States, the era after the Civil War, which ended in 1865, is known as the Res...

167 views 2 pages ~ 348 words
The State and Social Revolution

In the chapter, Bakunin challenges Marx and Engel's socialist ideas which advocate the conquest of proletariat political...

234 views 5 pages ~ 1363 words
Literary Analysis on "The Complete Persepolis"

"The Complete Persepolis," based on Marjane Satrapi's childhood, is an Iranian Revolution tale told from the viewpoint o...

283 views 6 pages ~ 1474 words
The Downfall Of Russian Empire

Does the past Soviet Union stands for an Empire? Writers from the West have resurrected the comparison of 'empire' refer...

172 views 3 pages ~ 613 words
Conflict Faced By Writers of the Colonial Period That Became Their Subject

The authors of the Colonial Period (the 1600s and 1700s) experienced many contradictions in their diverse encounters in ...

98 views 10 pages ~ 2480 words
Cultural Revolution and Chinese Contemporary Art

The Cultural Revolution came to an end in 1976. However, the Cultural Revolution's specter has not faded even after more...

246 views 10 pages ~ 2488 words
The Managerial Revolution in American Business

Alfred Chandler writes about industrial capitalism and the role large-scale business operations have played in its restr...

235 views 10 pages ~ 2574 words
Revolution: Whisky Rebellion

What was the relevance of the Whisky Rebellion's comprehensive efforts and reaction in terms of military efforts and app...

190 views 9 pages ~ 2458 words
Advances in 3D Printing: Attractive Technique

3D printing is an attractive technique that revolutionizes the world of science and technology at a rapid rate. After th...

274 views 3 pages ~ 635 words
The Algerian-French war is depicted in the film Battle of Algiers

The Algerian-French war is depicted in the film Battle of Algiers. The film depicts the Algerian uprising against French...

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